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Heavilin Herald
February 27, 2004
Well, here we are in Yuma, Arizona. I think we have discovered the RV capitol of the world! As we drove from the town of Yuma, we were bombarded with RV parks. The most interesting thing to me is that most of them are completely full. These people come from all over the country and spend the entire winter here. I can understand why. It is about 70 degrees in the middle of February. We have learned a new vocabulary in this world of transient people.
RV = recreation vehicle
5th Wheel = a trailer that has an extension that hooks on to     a contraption mounted in the bed of a large pickup truck.
 Park models = a stationary mobile home or small modular     home that can be purchased or rented within an RV park.
 Pop out or slide = an extension of a trailer or motor home     which slides in and out to extend the area of living space     when the vehicle is stationary. Many recreation vehicles     have one or two. On this trip we have seen several that         have four pop outs.
Vacationers or Campers = Those who travel occasionally.
Full Timers = Those who live in their RV's continuously, as     we do.
Tow = car or trailer you are pulling behind the RV. We         saw a bumper sticker on a vehicle being towed. It said, "I     only go where I am towed."
Rig = your entire traveling system.
Pull-through = A park site that you can drive into and out     of without having to back up or disconnect your tow.
We have seen several RV's that have a bumper sticker which says, "HOME IS WHERE YOU PARK IT."
This year we have already had six weeks in Morro Bay, California, three days in Redlands, and 4 days in San Diego. While there, we spent a day with our friends from Redlands and enjoyed a tour of the Bay on their boat. We also visited our friends Tom and Ruth and their daughter, Carol. We expect to be in Yuma for three weeks. I am working on another doll house and expect to finish it while we are here in Yuma.
Traveling full time does take some adjusting and rearranging, but I think we have done quite well. We have learned to do all of our banking by automatic deposit and withdrawal, by phone or on-line. We have a mailing address in Redlands and they forward our mail twice a month after we call and give them a current mailing address. We have learned that the purchase of a small heater cut down the use of our propane tremendously. Our cell phone connection to the Internet is working very nicely and you can always reach us via the cell phones or e-mail. We found a very nice little church to attend in Morro Bay, and we will do that whenever we are staying longer than a week or so in an area. Ordering on-line has been a real life saver for me. The kids and grandkids still can get their usual gift cards even though Grammie is wandering around the country.  I am  also able to order books I want through Amazon.
Actually we have worked just about everything out with the exception of our standard medical needs. Having to wait so long in California for a needed appointment or test just hasn't worked into our schedule very well. Right now we have to schedule routine physicals a year in advance. When we get this one worked out, we'll let you know. We have also learned that it is possible to save a sizable amount of money by claiming residency in a state other than California. We are learning all we can about all of these changes.
Marilyn and Glen

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