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Heavilin Herald
March 23, 2004
    Well, we just arrived in one of our favorite spots, Tombstone Territories RV Park about ten miles from the town of Tombstone. The nicest things are that the spaces are wide, the scenery is beautiful, and they have cable TV! The not so nice things are that our cells phones don't work and therefore my computer internet doesn't work either. However, the main building has a wireless connection, so I will be able to read and send mail once or twice a day.
We left Yuma a week ago and headed for Redlands so that I could have a scheduled colonoscopy. (Whoever invented that test must have been a sadist.) We got within 20 miles of Redlands and the RV engine simply stopped running...on the I 10 no less!! It is interesting to watch your house being towed down the freeway. Our broken house was in the RV hospital until last Friday, and we got to stay in a motel for a few nights.
Fortunately my test was negative. The doctor removed a few polyps, but did not feel there were any signs of malignancy. The problem with the RV was a short in the computer system. On Friday we drove to Phoenix. This past weekend we visited my cousins Louise, Ed, Doris, and Tracy. We saw my cousins Jim and Geordina in Yuma. While in Phoenix we also had a nice visit with our dear friend Tracy Hanson who was in Phoenix for an LPGA tournament.
Since we no longer have a house, my desires to decorate have been somewhat thwarted. However, we found a place in Phoenix that specializes in RV interiors. Today we had them remove our couch and put two recliner chairs in its place. Now Glen and I can both have a recliner chair. We saw a T-shirt at the furniture place that said, "Appetizers for six; dinner for four; sleeping for two. Ah....RV living is great!"
We will head to Los Cruces, NM from here. We plan to be in Kansas for Easter. If you want to check our basic schedule for 2004, please check my web site www.MarilynHeavilin.com. I would also like to remind you that we would love to have some of you come to America's Keswick in Whiting, NJ this summer. To check that schedule, please go to www.AmericasKeswick.org.
When you have a minute, I hope you will e-mail us. We love to hear from you.

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