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APRIL, 2007
 We left Morro Bay on March 12 and arrived in Redlands on March 13. We enjoyed getting in on the activities of the church and friends. The first place we visited was Nate’s Place at Arrowhead Christian Academy. The cold weather and frost were hard on the plants in the garden, but Lowe’s replaced the plants besides giving many more free of charge. Thanks to the hard work of Laurie and Steve Hickok, the garden will soon be back to its original beauty. How can we possibly thank the Hickoks and ACA for providing such a beautiful tribute to our Nate?
 We enjoyed attending the GIFT group from church that we had been a part of for many years. Also while we were in Redlands we attended a concert of the Redlands Community Chorus. We also attended the annual Seder dinner sponsored by our church and we were reunited with friends we had not seen in years..
 The first Saturday we were in Redlands, a man was attempting to park an RV in the space next to ours and unfortunately, he backed into my car! Needless to say, we were saddened to see the dent in the passenger door and broken side mirror. The funny part of all of this was the man said he saw our car in the video screen on his dash, but then the car “disappeared!”  At least the car is still drivable and we plan to have it repaired when we are in Kansas in May. We also had a new a/c unit installed in our rig. Thank goodness the extended warranty covered the new unit. We got it just in time since we have had many days of 90 degree weather recently.
 We are now in Tombstone, AZ where we plan to celebrate Easter. Glen is singing in the church choir for the Easter cantata. I think in most churches, Holy Week is one of the busiest weeks of the year, but the busyness of the week in this church was complicated by the fact that the organist injured her knee severely and cannot attend the Easter services. Then yesterday, the pastor was taken to the hospital because he had a heart attack. He is still in the hospital awaiting further tests.
 The pictures for this month will show you the change of scenery we have experienced in the last three weeks.
 When the next Herald comes out, I will have spoken three times in Birmingham, Alabama, and we plan to visit our friends the Swansons in Memphis. We plan to say “Hi” to Elvis, too, and then we will be in Missouri so that we can visit Matt and his family in Overland Park, Kansas.
 We appreciate your faithfulness in praying for us for good health and safe travels.
In Him,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin



the snow covered mountains of Redlands in March


The cactus around Phoenix


The Chiseled mountains of Tombstone

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