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Heavilin Herald

April 2008

It is April, and we were in Redlands for just a few days. We will be in Tombstone, AZ for a few days before we continue East. We left Morro Bay on March 17, and it was very difficult to leave. We made so many friends this year; it was simply hard to say goodbye. The Morro Bay - Cambria area is without a doubt our favorite area in the whole world. This year we became so attached to the church as well. Marilyn attended a women’s Bible study on Monday mornings; we both attended a couple’s Bible study on Sunday evening, Glen had choir practice on Wednesday afternoon, and of course we attended the Sunday service.

We enjoyed the 20 mile drive from our rig to the church; the mountains, the ocean, the happy cows, the birds, and the various wildlife kept us very entertained on our trips.

We got back to Redlands in time to attend the annual Maundy Thursday service which is our favorite service of the year. We’re still trying to figure out why the Evangelical denominations seldom offer a Maundy Thursday service. We had never attended such a service until we started attending a Mainline denomination. We were also there for the Easter service and the wonderful music.

The week before we left Morro Bay we were invited out to dinner all but two nights of the week, and in Redlands, Marilyn never had to cook a meal all week. Our schedule was definitely accelerated when Glen was asked to fill in for a cast member one weekend at LifeHouse Theater. Glen had to memorize new lines as this was a completely new play, The Rise of King David. Glen had the part of Samuel. Marilyn had a quilt project to work on while Glen was at the play.

We left Redlands on March 31st and are slowly wending our way across the country. We will make prolonged stops in Tombstone, Overland Park, Indianapolis and Waukegan before we arrive in New Jersey.

We have mentioned before that since this is our 50th year of marriage, we have decided to celebrate all year. We will be able to celebrate with friends from coast to coast. It is the custom at the First Congregational Church in Redlands to present the couple with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as they celebrate their 50th. Since we don’t expect to be in Redlands in October, the actual month of our anniversary, we received our flowers on Sunday, March 30th

Marilyn is making an anniversary album of friends and events that have helped us make this year so special. We have many pictures already.

This summer our kids will be meeting us in New York City to celebrate together. We plan to attend the Broadway show Mary Poppins as a family and have dinner together.

Of all the sights we will miss from Morro Bay, the sunsets will be missed most. Take a look at this one.

Please continue to pray for our health and safety as we move our house on wheels from state to state.

Because of Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin








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