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APRIL, 2009
 Someone once said, “There is nothing more certain in life than change.”
I believe we are living that quotation. At the beginning of this month, we were still in Morro Bay, California. Then we changed our location to Redlands, CA.  After two weeks we changed to Yuma, AZ, and we then changed to Casa Grande, AZ for the weekend, and yesterday we changed to Phoenix, AZ to visit Marilyn's cousins, and we will continue to change until we arrive in Peculiar, MO where we will be for about a month before we change our location again.
Along with our locations, the weather has changed as well.  In Morro Bay we experienced a lot of rain, and in Arizona we are experiencing a lot of very warm weather and sunshine.
In Morro Bay we said goodbye to many of our friends and to the church we regularly attend in Cambria.  In Redlands we had a chance to see many of our dear friends and attend our Home Church. In fourteen days we were hosted to five lunches and five dinners! 
In Casa Grande we visited Marilyn’s cousins, Jim and Geordina Willett, who winter in Casa Grande. We enjoyed attending the Chapel in the RV park and were surprised to be joined by about 400 other RV dwellers.
On Saturday, Marilyn’s cousins took us to watch more than 50 skydivers who landed right in front of us. Having a front row seat to all of the action was really exciting. Then we were able to watch people flail around in a wind tunnel. These were both new activities for us.
We are slowly working our way back to New Jersey. We plan to be there by the end of June.
We have made many new friends this year because they found us on the internet after reading Marilyn’s books and we plan to meet them on our travels East.. We are so grateful that the ministry of her books continues.
Some of you will remember in 2005 when we were able to select memorial cherubs at Precious Moments in memory of our boys. We have loved receiving pictures and notes from people who have stopped by to see the statues.  Well, one of the changes that has occurred recently is that Precious Moments is rearranging the walkway design and the cherubs are no longer needed. We have been given the option of taking possession of the statues which weigh 300 pounds each! Now can’t you just see us storing three 300 pound cherubs in our rig! I think we have found a home for them and now we are working on the shipping that will be involved.
We are adjusting to all of the changes that have come upon us recently.  Our recent changes have been minor compared to some many of you are facing.
I am reminded of the verse in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. In this time when change seems to be in control, we can have confidence that Jesus does know about us and He has a plan for our future.
Glen and Marilyn

Cousins Jim and Geordina

Skydiving at Casa Grande

Wind tunnel at Casa Grande

Sunset at Morro Bay

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