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While you will receive this after Easter, the truth still remains. HE IS RISEN, INDEED!!

Our time in Redlands has been great. Lots of friends and lots of food. Unfortunately, there have also been lots of doctors. Even though Marilyn had been told she didn’t need to see a doctor for three months, just one month after the first Atrial Fibrillation event, we were once again sitting in an Emergency Room. Fortunately the event didn’t take quite as long to stabilize, but resulted in seeing another cardiologist and receiving another medication. Marilyn has also had many visits to the laboratory for multiple blood draws. She has threatened to pitch a tent at the lab and feels quite at home at the clinic.

We have enjoyed being able to attend the First Congregational Church in Redlands, which is our home church. We were also able to attend Life House Theater and see a presentation of The Cross and the Switchblade, and we attended a Community Chorus Concert in which many of our friends participated.

This afternoon we just drove around and snapped some pictures that are Redlands to us. Here is a photo tour for you to enjoy.

Below is the house we used to live in, but it was a pretty yellow when we lived there.

Next is a bronze statue of the Smiley twins, Alfred and Albert. They are credited with much of the early development of Redlands.
In the background is the Smiley Library which is beautiful inside. The inside is lined in oak wood and has fireplaces and little nooks where one can sit. Marilyn has spent many hours there.

Spring is here in California. The one thing Marilyn does miss by living in an RV is the chance to decorate for the seasons and for the holidays. She finally went to the store and bought some flowers, “Just to brighten the place up a little.”

Next is a picture of Morey Mansion. Marilyn first saw this mansion long before we lived in Redlands. This is the B and B where Marilyn took Glen as the story is told in Roses In December.

We plan to leave here on April 17 and will head first for Arizona to visit friends and then on to Kansas to witness Kate’s college graduation.

Please remember our friends Wayne and Tammy in prayer. Tammy’s daughter Rachel died in a car crash on March 29. Please pray that God’s strength and peace will be a reality for them in the rough days to come.

We always covet your prayers for our continued health and safety as we are on the road.

Much love in Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin


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