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Where has the summer gone? I can’t believe we are already in the middle of August. The month of August is probably the busiest month around here. Each week there is a new conference; a new group of about 250 people; and a new group of speakers. The largest family conference of the summer began on Sunday. The conferees leave on Friday morning, and a new group comes in on Sunday. Usually the facilities are scheduled for a private group from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. As you can see, our housekeeping crew is kept very busy, especially on the weekends.
We have had some special visitors on our free weekends. My e-mail friend Katie came to see us and introduce us to her husband Jason. We also had the joy of seeing three-week-old Zannah. Glen and I both enjoyed having a little one in our arms again.
Last weekend my cousin Judy came from Sterling, VA to spend the weekend with us. On Saturday we drove to the quaint little town of Smithville.
We have decided to take a cruise to Alaska. We will leave on September 11 and return on September 18. We are really looking forward to that.
The first family week, I had the privilege of presenting my friend Rosa with the dollhouse I had just finished. I have so much fun building the dollhouses, but it is even greater fun to give them away. I just wish I had been able to catch Rosa’s facial expression on camera when I gave her the dollhouse.
We continue to enjoy our time here at Keswick, especially the time with the Colony men. We have had the joy of watching several more men graduate from the program. Last year Wayne, a resident of the Colony, asked us to pray that his marriage would be saved. This year we saw Wayne graduate from the one-year program with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren present. We have had a chance to meet with Mike, a Colony resident, this summer. Last Wednesday he graduated from the program, and his wife graduated from the wives Bible Study program as well. Tears filled our eyes as the Chaplain reminded Mike’s son that he no longer was the man of the house, but that now dad was ready to take his rightful place in the family. We watched with joy as Mike’s son presented his dad with his graduation Bible.
For the past three years we have watched Tom, a Colony graduate, grow in the Lord. Tom is now the head of Housekeeping here at Keswick. We realize that life away from Keswick can be a real challenge for these men, and for all of us as well. We are made acutely aware of how addictions can get a stranglehold on any of us. We are in an area where busloads of senior citizens head toward Atlantic City each day. Each week I meet people who are dealing with habits that are slowly draining life from them. The good news is many sins are irreparable, but none are unforgivable. Thanks be to God.
I have been notified that the area code for my cell phone has changed. The correct number is 951-202-8850. Glen’s number remains 909-518-3399.
The Executive Director of Keswick sends out a daily devotional for men called Freedom Fighters. Over the past couple of weeks of family conferences, I have seen the need for a similar devotional to be sent to those who want further guidance for their marriages and their families. I feel God leading me in this direction. I am hesitant to take on a daily commitment, but I feel a weekly devotional would be a good place to start.  If you would like to receive this weekly devotional, please reply to this e-mail by simply writing “subscribe” in the subject area. Here is a sample of what you might expect to receive from me once a week.
A Minute With Marilyn
It is easy for me to get upset about very temporary, but uncontrollable, situations. Most of the time simple things can throw me off balance, such as: dinner is  ready and Glen isn’t home yet; the Verizon bill is wrong AGAIN; I can’t find my notes; we are late for an event; and years ago when we had children at home, one of the kids didn’t make their bed, they didn’t get their book report done on time; they weren’t ready for their music lesson. As I am acting like a loose cannon trying to find a place to explode, my wonderfully Phlegmatic, calm and cool husband makes one simple statement that causes me to slam on the brakes and take a breath. He calmly states:
Will it matter 100 years from now? Ouch! Most of the things that light my fuse won’t even matter tomorrow, let alone 100 years from now.
So what will matter 100 years from now? Do my family members know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior? Do they know I love them and accept them? Will a neighbor or friend be drawn to Jesus because I responded to their needs?
Colossians 3:2 “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”


Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December


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