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AUGUST, 2005
We arrived at America’s Keswick in Whiting, NJ on June 20 and we have been in a whirlwind of activity ever since. Glen and I are Prayer Partners for the Family Conferences which means we run the men’s and women’s prayer meetings each morning at 8:45 until 9:15. The morning sessions begin at 9:30. We are enjoying the wonderful Bible teaching we receive each morning. At 11:00 on Monday and Tuesday Glen and I present workshops entitled “All In The Family” and “Common Sense Christianity.” In the afternoons Glen works on computers and I am available for appointments if some of the conferees wish to talk with me. Our official title is Counselors in Residence. I tell people that means we are old and they don’t know any other title to give us.
We have had the joy of seeing several men graduate from the colony. I am including pictures of Howard and his family and Felix and his wife who graduated from their family covenants which means they have been under the guidance of the Colony of Mercy and their local church for the past year. In July we had the privilege of speaking at the Families For Christ program which is provided for couples of which the man is presently in the Colony or he is a graduate of the Colony. Speaking for that group was definitely a summer highlight for us.
This past Sunday we attended a concert given by Sue Dodge, a marvelous soloist often seen on the Gaither videos. I was blessed to serve as Sue’s hostess. She is a dear lady.
I am also including a picture of our son-in-law Mike and our daughter Mellyn at Mike’s swearing in ceremony when he became a Superior Court Judge. Our trip to California was a marathon trip in itself since we flew round trip to California from New Jersey and spent the better part of a day with the family, and did it all in less than fifty hours!
I will be speaking for a bereavement group in Manheim, PA this coming Saturday. We have five more conferences yet this summer.
I have finished another dollhouse. This one took a long time and I think I will wait a while before I start another one, although the kit is already in the back of our car.. We have a screen room next to our motor home where I work on the dollhouses. The rain, heat, and humidity have been extreme this summer which has not made it easy to work on the dollhouse. I am so glad it is finished.
Remember if you want to learn more about America’s Keswick, go to Please continue to pray for us that our health and safety will be maintained. We appreciate all of you and your interest in our activities.
In His love,
Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December




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