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AUGUST, 2006
It’s August? Already? I feel like we just got here, but in a few weeks it will be time to head West again. Each summer seems to go faster than the last summer for us.
In July we drove to Dearborn, Michigan so that Marilyn could speak at the national conference for The Compassionate Friends. We had not been to a conference for six years. It was great to be reunited with dear friends such as Wayne and Pat Loder. Pat is now the Executive Director for TCF. Marilyn’s workshops and keynote address were well received. Marilyn ended her general session talk by giving 100 teddy bears away to those who found a butterfly sticker on the back of the bumper stickers Glen had placed on all of the seats which said “When In Despair, Hug Your Bear!”
We have received many wonderful stories about how the bears got to just the right persons. We offer a big thanks to the Redlands Chapter of The Compassionate Friends and our sister-in-law Cathy who donated bears and contributed to the purchase of the bumper stickers.
We have a very special praise. Glen’s last blood test showed that his PSA had dropped six points and is now well within the normal limits. We are so grateful that God chose to answer our prayers in this way. We expect the PSA will continue to drop in the future.  Marilyn’s health has much improved as well. The doctor in Indianapolis was obviously on the right track in diagnosing the Viral Asthma. Marilyn seldom uses the inhaler now and is on no other medication for the asthma.
We both had the privilege of speaking at the weekend conference, Families For Christ, here at Keswick. This conference is for men of the colony, current residents or graduates, with their wives. Each year we are so impressed to be reminded of how God is working in the Colony of Mercy drug rehabilitation center. We are constantly shown that God continues to work each day in our lives and the lives of our families.
We have already had the privilege of attending the Prophecy conference with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and the first family week conference. At the Family week #1 conference, Drs. Kenn and Jeff Gangle were our speakers. Kenn and his wife Betty were students at Taylor when Marilyn was attending there. Marilyn had not seen Kenn or Betty in 50 years! It was a great week of reminiscing. Family Week #2 started on August 6 with Dr. Charles Zimmerman and Dr. Fred Hartley.
We had the joy of visiting our friend Katie and her husband and darling little girls last week. Marilyn met Katie on the grief board of Prodigy about ten years ago. We are so glad we get to watch this precious family grow up. Another Prodigy friend of Marilyn’s plans to visit us here at Keswick sometime this summer.
During the Family Conferences, Marilyn will present two workshops, “How To Help The Hurting,” and “The Freedom Of Forgiveness.” We also serve as the Counselors in Residence each week. We would appreciate your prayers that we would continue to be sensitive to those in need around us.
Much love,
Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December


Wayne and Pat Loder with Marilyn


TCF girls with bears


Ernest and Karen


Shawn and Michelle


Katie and Maya


Katie's husband, Jason, and daughter Zannah

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