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August 2007


 Dear Friends,
    I can't believe that we are well into August and we have already started the second family week here at Keswick.
    I'm afraid I don't have many pictures to share this time, so I decided just to send this off to you personally. My grandson will still post it on my web site so that you and others can find it there.
    It seems when we came back from Glen's mom's memorial service in Indiana, the summer program started immediately with the Prophecy Conference with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. It was refreshing to hear someone even attempt to touch the subject of prophecy since it is an often ignored topic.
    Last week Dr. Ted Rendall, former president of Prairie Bible Institute, and Dr. Roger Willmore from Birmingham, AL were the week's speakers. We enjoyed them both immensely.
    This week Dr. Charles Zimmerman and Dr. John Oliver are our speakers. Many of the friends we have made in past years here at Keswick are attending this week. It is so nice to get together with friends.
    Each week on Sunday we also have the joy of attending a hymn sing for 1/2 hour and then a free concert. The first guest soloist was Calvin Hunt from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Calvin has one of the most moving and inspiring testimonies I have ever heard. I was especially moved as he sang the song, "What Sin?" That song is a strong reminder that we often carry the burden of our sins long after Christ has forgiven us. The Scripture reminds us that once our sins are confessed God remembers them no more. Isn't that a wonderful thought?
    This past week the conferees were able to participate in a monthly Hymn Sing for the community. Nearly 500 people gathered for a continental breakfast, a couple of hours singing hymns and then a served lunch. All of this for only $9! The highlight for us was that Glen was invited to sing bass in a quartet that performed at the Hymn Sing. He had so much fun.
    This Thursday evening Twila Paris will be performing in a concert with the Korean Children's Choir. We are looking forward to that event.
    It is our intention to leave NJ on September 14. We will speak at a TCF group in PA on the 10th of September and we are hoping to attend a Broadway Show in NYC before we leave this area.
    Our granddaughter, Kate, has already returned to college with a car! She will be a junior this year. Our grandsons Christian and Nathan will be starting college this fall as well.
Kate with her new car.
We plan to spend some time in Indiana and Overland Park, KS. I have been invited to speak at Glen Eyrie, CO, the headquarters for Navigators, the first weekend in November. Then we will head toward Redlands so that Glen can perform in the Christmas play at Life House Theater this year. He is looking forward to that.
We want to thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf.
Much love,
Marilyn Heavilin
Author of Roses in December

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