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August 2009

First let me tell you of the changes that we have seen in the past year.  Remember the picture last year of Carter Hayes when he was less than a month old? You could barely see the top of his head in the baby carrier.
The next picture shows Carter this summer, ‘helping’ his Daddy play the piano. Carter is a wonderful, happy One year old. He has a smile that is contagious, and he is the absolute delight of his family.
The next picture is our friend Matt, graduating from his Covenant  in 2008 with his grandfather looking on. The next picture is Matt and his wife of just a month, Gina, enjoying their free week at Keswick in 2009.
Our friend, Sue, is back! She and her husband Rich missed last year because Sue was undergoing Chemotherapy treatments for cancer. Praise God she is back this year and healthy and whole. Sue and her husband have been volunteers for 28 years!. Sue is known as the ‘Flower lady’ because she plants the flowers all over this campus and does a beautiful job. We often see Sue ‘on her knees’ weeding and planting flowers. We are so grateful for her and that she is back at Keswick.

We wanted to share some of these Before and After pictures to give you a glimpse of the changes and answers to prayer we see here every day.

We also have picnics in the rain! Not intentionally, but our fun cannot be spoiled by a little water. We were right in the middle of our dinner when the sprinkles came. Glen just went to the car and got our umbrellas and continued on with his dinner!
We have also been blessed with excellent speakers at our family conferences. Charles Zimmerman was the evening speaker the first week and Keith Marshall Williams spoke in the evenings the second week. Karol Joseph was our missionary speaker last week, representing Jews for Jesus.

How can it already be August? We only have four conferences left. We feel like we just got here, but it will soon be time to pull out again.
Please pray for us as we seek God’s direction, safety on the road, and good health.
In Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Robert with Carter, about 3 weeks, 2008.

Robert with Carter at One year, 2009.

Matt at graduation with grandfather, 2008.

Matt and wife Gina, 2009.

Sue in 2007

Sue in 2009

Glen at picnic in the rain.

Charles Zimmerman and Glen.

Keith Marshall Williams, Sr.

Marilyn with Karol Joseph.

Another sunset at Keswick.

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