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Well, here we are parked in Phoenix, Arizona on our way to California. We had the privilege of spending a little more than a month near Matt and his family. Marilyn had the opportunity to speak to two Compassionate Friends chapters on the topic of Facing the Holidays, a topic very dear to her heart. We want to encourage you to remember those who may not be looking forward to the holidays because of a death, a divorce, or some other major change, financial or geographical that has occurred during this past year.

Marilyn celebrated her 72nd birthday by going out to dinner with Glen, Matt, and Deb. She received many birthday cards and good wishes on Facebook as well as several phone calls. Marilyn agreed to go to Texas Roadhouse as long as no one sang Happy Birthday and she wasn’t asked to get on the wooden horse! ☺ Everyone enjoyed dinner and had a great time and there was no singing and no horse riding!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Matt’s home. Marilyn enjoyed getting to help with the dinner by making two pies, cinnamon apples, and the dinner rolls. Deb did a great job cooking the dinner and had a wonderful helper since Kate was home from college. Kate will graduate from college this month.

We stayed with our tradition by having our Christmas with Matt’s family that evening. Since we mostly give money for the kids and grandkids, having Christmas on Thanksgiving evening works out really well because everyone can get up really early and go shopping on Black Friday.

While we are near Kansas City each year, we try to do a little sightseeing. This time we visited Community Christian Church, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. A pamphlet provided a self-guided tour. The building design was very interesting, but the whole complex seemed a little run down. The outside balcony was closed so we missed seeing the Steeple of Light which is apparently a noted landmark in the Kansas City area.

We took Matt and Deb out to dinner for an early celebration of their 25th anniversary which will occur December 22.

Since the company Matt worked for was sold, his job has been very tenuous for the last few months. At the moment his job situation looks good. We are very grateful.

We felt we were trying to outrun a snow storm the whole time we have been traveling West this time. On Sunday the storm almost caught up with us in Amarillo, TX. Being stranded in the snow without hookups is not a pleasant thought. After much prayer, we are now in warmer weather and are very thankful.

We plan to spend most of the next month in Redlands although we will drive to Rocklin to see Mellyn and her family, weather providing. We look forward to seeing Mellyn in the chorus for Annie the weekend of the 18th and then we will have an early Christmas with Mellyn and family and return to Redlands for Christmas.

We pray you will all have a peaceful Christmas and a gentle New Year.

In Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin






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