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December 2010

Glen Heavilin as Scrooge and Diana Handy as the Ghost of Christmas Present

Well, there he is, Mr. Grumpus himself! (I should say Mr. Ebenezer SCROOGE!)
We are so pleased that Glen was asked to perform as SCROOGE for the LifeHouse Theater’s 25th anniversary presentation of SCROOGE. He is working unbelievably hard to match his past two appearances as SCROOGE. Please keep him in prayer as he will have three (count ‘em, THREE) performances on Sunday, December 12, and two on Saturday the 11th of December. Quite a challenge for a 72 year old person! Glen’s first appearance as Broker #2 was in 1986. If you can possibly attend the show, we promise it will be worth your time and effort. For information and tickets call 909-335-3037.

Much has happened since Marilyn wrote the last newsletter in November. Her foot surgery took place on November 8, and once she stopped taking the pain medication, everything has gone well. The pain medication was causing severe nausea and dizziness. The stitches were taken out two weeks after surgery and she has even found shoes, a size larger, to sometimes replace the ‘fashionable’ hard-soled shoes that were provided for her by the hospital. With the help of a cane, Marilyn is able to navigate fairly well. She only missed one Sunday of church and has managed to go out to eat and visit friends. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers.
The demolition at the school which was mentioned last month is finished, and now we watch the huge machinery go round and round over what we have been told will be a grassy area. To us the effort seems meaningless, but there must be a plan in there somewhere. Marilyn refers to this time as “Big boys playing with their toys.” Surely we will be able to see a plan soon.
We had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving. We were blessed to spend the afternoon with Lowell and Shirley Linden and Rip and Kitty Stephens. The dinner was delicious and the friendship and fellowship were wonderful.
Well, are you already for Christmas? We have our tree up and have sent greetings to some. Marilyn has managed to hobble around to do some holiday baking, and we have even shared some with friends. We are somewhat confined to this area, so it is a good time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.
Please reach out to others who may be having difficulty celebrating this year because someone is missing or because of other major changes that have taken place in their lives. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

Marilyn Heavilin

Sunrise over Redlands, CA

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