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The Heavilin Herald
February, 2007
    We’re here! We’re at Morro Bay, California and we feel like we are home. We get to see the amazing Morro Rock every morning! The only other time we feel this way is when we are in New Jersey at America’s Keswick.
    We are attending Community Presbyterian Church of Cambria and we love it. I have started attending the Women’s Bible study each week. This is a switch for me since I’m attending rather than teaching the class. This is good for me, but I must admit it is a challenge not to take over. I’m very proud of me for behaving so well!
    This week our friends from Memphis arrived at the RV park. It was so good to see Wally and Vicki again, and their dogs, too! I do miss my dogs, but I realize traveling with pets can be more responsibility than we want.
    We are so impressed with the number of RVers who have pets traveling with them.  Our next door neighbors have two beautiful Persian cats. It was a shock the first time I saw a cat on a leash, but it is a common sight as we travel.
    Today we took a drive with Wally and Vicki and watched the surf on the Pacific Ocean.  We saw the otters just rolling with the surf and a school of dolphins went swimming by. 
    We are busy planning our itinerary for this spring. Having grandsons graduating in Overland Park in May and in Rocklin, CA in June certainly presents a quandary. It looks like we will attend Nathan’s graduation in Kansas, drive to Indianapolis, and then fly to Sacramento to attend Christian’s graduation in June. We are hoping to visit friends in Alabama, Illinois, Tennessee and North Carolina on our way to New Jersey this year.
    We are truly blessed, and we thank the Lord each day for good health and the opportunity to see His great world.
In Him
Marilyn and Glen Heavilin

The Morro Rock

Community Presbyterian Church of Cambria

Bandit and Chewie

The neighbor's Persian cats


The Pacific Ocean

The otters



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