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We are here! We are at Morro Bay, and we feel right at home. We have had the privilege of seeing much of the United States, but this area is our absolute favorite. The landscape is rolling and green (after 8 straight days of rain). As Marilyn sits at the computer, she can look out the front window of the RV and see the surf on the Pacific Ocean. As we drive North, we see the ocean on our left and the rolling hills on our right. We always laugh at the California Cheese commercials that we see on TV because they say that California Cheese comes from “Happy Cows.” We get to see those Happy Cows on the rolling hills as we drive toward Cambria, our church, or Hearst Castle.
The day after we arrived here, we drove to see the Elephant seals. This is “baby season.” When we arrived, it was estimated that about 400 hundred babies had been born since late December.
Because of the heavy storms, some of the little ones had been washed out to sea. How sad! We are always impressed by the noise as we visit the elephant seals. The noise is at a very high level, and yet as the little ones screech, the mothers recognize the cry of their own baby and the babies know their mother’s bellow. We are reminded of the Bible verse that says “My sheep know my voice.”
We are very close to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Last week we went to a Cal Poly basketball game against U C Davis. We know a Davis player, Michael Boone. Michael has acted in LifeHouse Theater with Glen. Glen’s statement is “I knew Michael when I was taller than he was!” Michael is now 7 foot 1 3/4" tall! We have a picture with Michael and we think it is hilarious.
We just received word that Michael was injured during practice and will be out for an extended length of time. When you think of him, please pray for Michael that the healing will be speedy.

January 25-26 Marilyn had the privilege of speaking at the Community Presbyterian Church of Cambria. Thank you all for your prayers. Marilyn was very aware of those prayers. The retreat was a great success. Marilyn was well received and got to know many of the ladies during the retreat. She is being invited out to lunch frequently, and that means SUCCESS to Marilyn.

This coming week our pastor and his wife, Lowell and Shirley Linden, from Redlands will be visiting us for a couple of days. We are excited to have visitors while we are here.
In the past couple of weeks Marilyn has finished a quilt and has read two books. Marilyn recommends Jacob’s List for those who have lost a child and Meet Me at the Well for those who feel overwhelmed with the busyness of life.
We are reminded of God’s faithfulness to us and the beauty of His creation. We are thankful for the privilege of enjoying the lifestyle He has entrusted to us and truly covet your prayers for safety and good health.
In Him.
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Kite/Kart surfing on the Pacific


The foamy ocean in the wind
The elephant seals near San Simeon
Glen and me with Michael Boone


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