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 We arrived at Morro Dunes on January 8 and felt like we were home. We were welcomed at the park by many friends. On the next Sunday we attended Cambria Community Presbyterian Church and loved seeing our friends and receiving lots of hugs and greetings from them.  On Monday of that week, Marilyn joined the women’s Bible study and soon found her niche, lunch with her friends! As we enjoy the beautiful, unseasonably warm weather here in California, it is very hard to realize that many of you are battling snow, ice, and freezing weather.
    Our friends Dwight and JoAnne from Visalia stopped by for lunch, and our pastor and his wife, Lowell and Shirley from Redlands spent a couple of days in the area.  We visited Hearst Castle, one of Marilyn’s absolute favorite places. This was her 27th or 28th tour of the castle. We also visited the elephant seals twice, which is probably Shirley’s favorite place to visit in this area. We would love for you to stop by. Even though we don’t have sleeping room in our RV for extras, there is a nice motel right around the corner, and Marilyn loves to cook for company.
    We had a ‘first’ in our married life that we can remember: we were both sick with the flu at the same time. We don’t  recommend that experience. We did manage, and we are both improving slowly. This is Super Bowl Sunday and we are both just ‘vegging’ out today.
    While the economic situation has not affected us too severely, we realize that many have been or may be affected adversely, including our own kids, and we are praying each day that God will protect this country and guide President Obama in the strategic decisions he must make.  Regardless of your political persuasion, we would encourage you to join us in praying for the President and his cabinet each day. Marilyn has found the Presidential Prayer Team website to be a helpful reminder to pray daily.   If you have a computer, we hope you will check out their site @ https://secure2.convio.net/ppt/site/SPageServer?pagename=ppt_homepage
    We are happy to announce that our friends, Ruth, Susan, and Karen are finished with their chemo and radiation treatments and are doing well.  Marilyn’s sister-in-law, Karen, was hospitalized overnight recently with a blood clot in her leg, but seems to be doing well now. Thank you so much for your prayers on their behalf, and we would love for you to continue to pray for each of them if you are so led.
    We just want to remind you that Marilyn would love to talk with you voice to voice and face to face on Skype.
    Each evening, just about dinner time, we see many people head toward the beach with their cameras. Sometimes Glen is in the group. One evening, this is the picture he got.
Much love,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Friends from Women's Bible Study at Lunch

Outdoor pool at Hearst Castle

Lowell, Shirley, Marilyn, Glen at Hearst Castle

Sunset on Pacific Ocean at Morro Bay


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