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We are currently in Tombstone, Arizona. We have been here since the tenth of December. We love the town of Tombstone. This is where the shootout at the OK Corral occurred. The slogan of the town is: Tombstone, The Town That Was Too Tough To Die. The citizens of Tombstone enjoy dressing up in Western garb quite often. We have attended the Congregational Community Church of Tombstone. We attended the Christmas Eve candlelight service, and it was beautiful. We have made friends with many people here. We spent Christmas alone for the first time in 46 years. We had Christmas with Mattís family when we were there in November, so the actual day seemed a little anti-climatic. We went to the Christmas parade and the Christmas Tree Lighting program in Tombstone.

This week I bought Glen some official Western wear. Isnít he cute? (See attached picture).

My cousin Herbie Huff and his wife Edna live about twenty miles from our RV park, so they paid us a visit last week. We got to meet their daughter for the first time. She is now 53!

We are enjoying our new RV. It seems each day we discover more bells and whistles that we didnít know were in this rig such as an automatic sensor on the patio awning. If the wind gets too strong, the awning will automatically roll back up! (See attached picture).

The weather has been very pleasant, and I have been able to build another dollhouse while we were here. (See attached picture). Working outside is definitely a way to meet our neighbors. I think many of the men are amazed to see a woman cutting, sawing, and building. In spite of my dyslexia, with Glenís help, I have managed not to reverse too many pieces and it actually turned out nicely.

We will be leaving here on the tenth of January and will start our trek toward Morro Bay, CA with a stop in Phoenix to visit our friend Diana Cunningham and a stop in Redlands to take care of a few business details. We will be in Morro Bay until March 16 when we will return to Redlands to pay our doctorsí their yearly visits. We will be in Redlands for several weeks then.

Where we will go after that for the next couple of months is uncertain. However, we know we will be in New Jersey for the summer. My fiftieth high school reunion is June 3 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I havenít decided for sure, but we will probably attend that event.

It seems this year we have really been able to spend enough time in each spot to get to know the people and the area better. We are grateful to the Lord for the time He has given us to truly enjoy this lifestyle.

Remember, you can always contact us via e-mail at rosesindecember1@aol.com or by calling us at our cell phone numbers: 909-518-3399 or 951-202-8850.

In His love,

Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December


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