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We have had a great time here in Redlands. It was so nice to be at our home church for the special events of the holidays. Glen even got a chance to play the prophet once again at our church for the Christmas Eve service. We enjoyed Christmas dinner with Lowell and Shirley Linden, our pastor and his wife.
We hosted a Dessert for about 25 of our friends here in Redlands on the 30th of December. We chose to invite them all to our church lounge. We could have entertained that many in our RV, but it would have to be two at a time. It was more fun to have everyone there at once. I learned how to do Power Point so that I could do a slide show of our life on the road in 2005. We wanted to make sure everyone understood that we are not “camping.” We have been on the road for four years now and we are still enjoying it immensely.
Today we drove to Palm Desert to have a consultation with Dr. Ted Masek. Dr. Masek is well trained in the radioactive seed treatment. This is the treatment Glen has chosen as a way to get rid of the cancer in his prostate. We felt very comfortable with Dr. Masek and started the process. First, the HMO must approve the pre-treatment procedures which will probably happen in about two weeks. The actual implantation of the radioactive seeds will happen some time in March. Now that we see how long this whole procedure is taking, we are extremely thankful that this cancer has been described as “slow growing.”
Since the treatment has been decided upon, we plan to leave for Morro Bay on Wednesday, January 11. The doctor said we might as well enjoy ourselves while we are waiting for all of the procedures that must be done before Glen can be treated. We will need to drive back to Redlands at least once for some required pre-testing, and we will have a date for the procedure in a few weeks. We will need to stay in this area for about six weeks at that time. We had already planned to be in Redlands for much of March and April as that is the time I have my yearly physical.
I am still trying to keep up with my on-line masters program. I am still working on the first class. I just received an A on my first paper. That was very encouraging to me. Now I am working on the next set of papers. I am slowly figuring out the on-line system, and I have made some great friends who work at the school and those who are fellow students. My initial goal was to finish my degree by the time I am 70. I may have to extend that some, but I am determined to finish. Many have asked why I am doing this. Is it because I plan to teach or counsel? Actually, I’m simply pursuing this degree because I want to have a Masters degree. Maybe that is crazy, but that’s the truth.
We will appreciate your prayer for safe travels and good health.
In Him,

Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December

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