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     The theme of this newsletter is “We’re on the road again.” We left Tombstone on December 22 and drove over 900 miles and arrived at Mellyn’s on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful Christmas with Mike, Mellyn, and Christian. On December 26 we started our drive back to Tombstone.
     We arrived there on December 28 and expected our friends Jack and Carol Peterman to arrive in Tombstone from Indiana by New Year’s Eve or sooner. Unfortunately, the Peterman’s ended up “parking” in a gas station in Clines Corners, NM in 24 inches of snow for nearly three days! Although we didn’t get to celebrate New Year’s Eve together, we did have a nice evening meal together on New Year’s day.
     We have enjoyed hosting the Peterman’s and showing them the points of interest in and around Tombstone. We took a great private, guided tour of Bisbee, an old mining town and enjoyed a reenactment of the shootout at the OK Corral.
     We have become even more involved with the Congregational Church in Tombstone. Glen joined the choir and gave a boost to the choir for an encore performance of the Christmas cantata. We have found the church to be very friendly and we are enjoying it immensely. We have discovered people in the church who went to high school in Flint and visited the same church Marilyn attended as she was growing up.
     We pulled out of the Tombstone Territories RV Park on Tuesday, January 9, after enjoying the western cowboy atmosphere for five weeks. We will arrive in Morro Bay, CA on January 11, and plan to stay until March 11. We regard our stay in Morro Bay as our yearly vacation.
     The gas prices have ranged from $2.09 to $2.29 and the temperatures have ranged from a low of 16 degrees to a high of 78.
     Marilyn is continuing her school work which has become a real challenge for her. Trying to find the time to do all of the reading and then arranging to take the exams has kept her very busy, but she has managed to maintain an A average which encourages her to continue.
     We are presently trying to plan our spring travel schedule which will include the high school graduations of our grandson Christian in California in June, and our grandson Nathan in Overland Park, Kansas in May, and a visit to Marilyn’s doctor in Indianapolis. We received the word today that Glen’s PSA has dropped from 8.5 to 1.9 in the past nine months. We are praising the Lord for this answer to prayer.

Jack and Carol Peterman and Glen and Marilyn in Tombstone


I was tempted to buy this hat, but didn't. I think it would be perfect of a Red Hat group, don't you?


OK Corral cast.


Christian at Christmas


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