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 Isnít this picture absolutely priceless? I am the one on the left end. This year all four of us cousins celebrated our 70th birthday. This was taken around 1946. Now here we are at 2008!!! I can remember when the year 2000 sounded like science fiction, and in a few short hours, it will be 2008.
 As I look back to 2007, I can reflect on some major changes, mainly the deaths of both of Glenís parents, George and Barbara Heavilin, and the death of our friend Jim Black. Glenís dad died on December 12. The memorial service for George is set for June 8 in Richmond, Indiana. The death of a parent is a major loss in our lives. Losing both parents within 5 Ĺ months is huge, regardless of the age of the parent. Thank you for each of you who took time to send a message of sympathy and encouragement to Glen. He was overwhelmed by the many responses he received from you.
 Glen has been very busy appearing in Itís A Wonderful Life. The theater has been sold out for almost every performance and in twenty performances they have performed before more than 3500 people. Of course in my book, Glen has been the star as Mr. Potter. It is always so obvious that he thoroughly enjoys what he is doing. I have had the privilege of giving devotions twice to the cast. As I reflect on the message of that play, I believe it is that everyone in our lives is important, and we have an effect on everyone we meet; we touch their lives, and there would be a hole if we werenít there. It is up to us whether the impact will be positive or negative. Poor old Mr. Potter just never got the message, but George Bailey did.
 Two weeks ago Glen presented me with a beautiful ring in honor of our 50th anniversary. The ring has five rubies and many little diamonds, one ruby for every ten years. We have decided we should celebrate all year since we are officially in our 50th year. We started out by enjoying a lovely dinner with our pastor and his wife. We plan to have dinner with many of you across the country! Doesnít that sound like fun?
 We had a great Christmas Day with our Pastor and his wife. I cooked a delicious Prime Rib dinner with all of the fixings. Fortunately we are close to our storage unit, so I was able to retrieve my Old Country Rose china to use on Christmas Day. Then Mike, Mellyn, and Christian were here on the 26th for supper and they got to see Glen in the play.
 We will be leaving Redlands and driving to our favorite location, Morro Bay, California, on January 14. I will be speaking at a womenís retreat for the Presbyterian Church in Cambria, California, January 25-26. Please pray for me on those dates. This is the church we attend while in Morro Bay, and I am nervous, already. It is always easier to speak to strangers than to those you know and will be seeing the next Sunday.
 As we approach the New Year, we have so much to be thankful for, but some things always rise to the top of the list.
 1. My salvation - this life is shaky, and how glad I am that my eternal destination is completely settled.
 2. I am so thankful for Glen and for the almost 50 years God has given us together.
 3. I am thankful for our family. It is wonderful to know they all love the Lord and they all love us.


Four Willett cousins, Marilyn, Helen Jane, Faith, and Mary Lou

George and Barbara Heavilin, 2002

Glen as Mr. Potter, and assistant Zach

Marilyn, Mellyn, Mike, Christian, and Glen as Mr. Potter

Matt, Debbie, Nate, Kate, and Caleb

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