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Well, we have been here over three weeks, and we are feeling quite at home. Each time we come to Keswick, I am more excited about seeing God at work right here, every day.
At the Colony of Mercy we have seen five men graduate from the program and one man graduate from his covenant as well.  To graduate from the Colony, a man has lived here, drug and alcohol free, for 120 days. He has made a covenant with a church which will last for the next eight months. We also had an opportunity to witness a couple renew their marriage vows after the man had graduated from the colony.
The Prophecy Conference just ended. Our speakers were from The Friends of Israel. It was fascinating to hear prophecy from a Jewish perspective.
We have renewed acquaintance with many people whom we had met over the past couple of years.   I have spoken several times so far, and I will be speaking three times this coming week. On Friday we will be driving to Connecticut so that we can speak this weekend.
Well, you are getting this newsletter in increments. It is one week later. We are in Connecticut, and our speaking is finished. It was great to be with our former pastor and his wife, Tom and Linda Burris.  We had a very successful weekend. I have shared the message “Profound Common Sense” several times now and there is always a very positive response to the message.  I promise, I will get that book going again soon.
Last Tuesday evening we had the privilege of attending the 80th anniversary celebration for America’s Keswick Conference Center. The program included dinner for over 550 and a concert with my dear friend Damaris Carbaugh.            
                        Our servers.....Colony men
It is hard to believe we are half way through the summer already. The family conferences will begin the first week of August. We have a brief respite for the next couple of weeks. Glen will keep busy in the computer department, and I will be doing a workshop for the staff on helping those who are grieving. This week is Teen Week and there are a couple hundred teens on the campus.
We are grateful that God has called us to this ministry and given us the wonderful privilege of serving Him here. Please keep us in prayer that we will be faithful.
In His love,


Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December


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