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JULY 2007


We have done many things in the month of June, but all else pales in the fact that Glen’s mother, Barbara Heavilin, died June 27. Glen’s mom was 90 and had lived a life full of caring for others including her husband of almost 70 years, George, and her seven children, Glen, Sally, George Richard, David, Jane, Al, and Ruth. Even at almost 90, Barbara did not want to slow down. She and George lived in a seniors’ only apartment where Barbara served in many capacities. I remember hearing Glen say to her, “You are retired; you need to slow down.” Barbara’s response was always, “But if I don’t do it, it won’t get done!”


The  first picture below is of Barbara speaking at a family reunion in 2004 about her favorite topic, the circus! She and George “ran away with the circus” shortly after we thought they were retired in the late 70’s!


Please hold Glen’s dad up in prayer. George is 93, and it is doubtful he can remember any life without Barbara. Please remember us as well. We are grateful that Glen had a chance to have a private visit with his mom and he was able to say his goodbyes then, but the fact still remains that Glen has never lived a day without her, and adjustment is seldom easy.  


We flew to Indiana for the memorial service which was a true blessing for all of us. All seven children were there; that is the first time in about ten years. I think our families need to find a way to gather without a reason such as a funeral.



This was our second air trip in June. In early June we flew to California from Indianapolis and back in forty-eight hours to attend our grandson’s high school graduation.


We arrived at Keswick on Wednesday evening and barely had time to greet and hug everyone before we had to leave on Thursday for Newark. As we entered the drive for Keswick, Brian and Donna Bitler were sitting in their golf cart waiting to escort us to our parking place. As we pulled into our spot, we saw a sign that said “Welcome Home, Glen and Marilyn. It means so much to be welcomed home.



After our visit to Indianapolis, the first part of June, we drove to Gastonia, NC and were welcomed royally by our dear friends, John and Rose Stanley. We had the privilege of hearing John preach two Sundays, and I had the joy of speaking to the Charlotte Chapter of The Compassionate Friends. The Stanleys took us to visit the new Billy Graham Library. It was fun to reminisce as we were reminded of events that we all remembered.


The whole complex is beautiful, but the highlight for me was finding my book, Roses In December, in the Billy Graham book store.


            During this trip to NJ we have also had the privilege of meeting dear friends and family along the way.


Now we hope we are “settled in” for the summer. It is good to be back at Keswick. We definitely feel at home here.


If you would like to listen or tell others about the available programs, please go to www.renewalradio.com and click on “listen now.” The entire week of interviews with Gene Getz and me are available for the week of June 25 to June 29.


Please keep us in prayer for our health and safety.


In Him,

Marilyn Heavilin

Barbara Heavilin telling about the Circus at the Heavilin Reunion, 2004


Top row: Glen, George Richard, David, Al

Seated: Sally, Glen's dad George, Jane, Ruth


Christian with Grammie Heavilin


Billy Graham Library


Marilyn at Billy Graham Library Book Store


Marilyn and Cousin Judy who lives near D.C.


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