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JULY, 2008

We have arrived at Americaís Keswick to our traditional WELCOME HOME sign. Within minutes several people had gathered at our site to welcome us, and our dear friend Donna Bitler arrived with a bouquet of roses! Within just a few hours the coupleís conference began with Annie and Steve Chapman. We enjoyed the weekend of meetings and a dinner concert.
Our month prior to arriving at Keswick was very busy beginning with a visit to Indianapolis where we visited Marilynís brother, visited friends in Bloomington and other parts of Indiana, and got to visit with Dan Black, his family and his mom, Mary. On the weekend of June 6 we traveled to Richmond and enjoyed a Heavilin reunion on Saturday and attended the memorial for Glenís dad on Sunday, June 8. We had the privilege of honoring a good man and Glen also enjoyed the rare event of being with all of his siblings for a short visit.
We left on June 9 and headed toward Michigan to visit Marilynís Uncle Bill, his wife Elaine, and Marilynís Aunt Mickey and lots of cousins. We also drove to Harrison, Michigan to get reacquainted with Marilynís cousin Bobby Jean and her family. It has probably been more than fifty years since Marilyn has seen her, and the visit was great. We also spent time driving through Clare where Marilynís grandparents lived and many memories were recalled.
We left Michigan and headed toward New Jersey with our annual stop in Lancaster, PA. We took a buggy ride and a steam train ride through Amish country. We also enjoyed the wonderful food at many of the restaurants and getting to have a brief visit with Marilynís cousin Monica and her family.
We have already attended a Sunday and a Wednesday service at the Colony of Mercy. We so enjoy attending the Colony services. On Wednesday evening the men have the opportunity to share what God has been doing in their lives during the past week. We are humbled as we hear of the answers to prayer and how God is working in the hearts of these men, and we have even had the opportunity to hear men make public apologies to one another. We see God at work every day and are reminded that God is still in the business of changing lives.
We do ask that you would pray for Pastor Bill Raws. Pastor Bill is the grandson of William Raws who founded the Colony of Mercy more than 111 years ago. Pastor Bill is in the hospital battling various physical problems including extensive pneumonia. Of course, it is our heartsí desire that Pastor Bill be allowed to return to Keswick healthy and whole, but we also want Godís best for Pastor Bill. Please remember his wife Ruth in prayer as well.
We have had fun this past month eating out with friends and celebrating our fiftieth year of marriage. Since we donít really have a specific place to call home, we are enjoying our coast-to-coast anniversary party. We look forward to meeting all of our immediate family in New York City on July 23 first to attend Mary Poppins and then to have an anniversary dinner together.
Please continue to pray for our health and safety.
In Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

A Welcome Home Sign posted at our spot by Brian Bitler

Glen, Carmen, Marilyn, Mitchell, Robin, Dan, our dear friends.

Glen's siblings, Ruth, Al, Jane, Dave, George, Sally, Glen

Glen and Marilyn after buggy ride near Lancaster, PA

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