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June 2010

Well, here we are in Kansas and the events started immediately. Our granddaughter Kate graduated from Manhattan Christian College on May 8. Kate graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Bible. She graduated with a dual degree from Kansas State, also summa cum laude. Kate walked in the Kansas State ceremony in December. She is now among the millions of job hunters across the US.

Marilyn, Kate, and Glen

Nate, Deb, Kate, Matt, and Caleb

We drove from Manhattan, KS to Peculiar, MO on Motherís Day and arrived in time for Matthew and family to take us out to dinner that evening.

The next day Marilyn experienced a life-long dream as we were able to attend Smuckerís Stars On Ice. At the Meet and Greet after the show we were able to meet Yuka Sato, Sasha Cohen and Todd Eldridge.

Sasha Cohen

Yuka Soto

Todd Eldridge

We are staying here a little longer than planned because our microwave went out and we have been waiting for the parts to arrive. They arrived today!!! Yippee!!!

Because we had extra time, we were able to do a little more sightseeing than usual. We visited Independence, Harry Trumanís hometown, and toured some of the mansions there and the city jail since we had visited the Truman Library previously. We often saw posters which are a silhouette of Truman and are distributed all around the town. Of course after all of that touring, we had to stop for ice cream at the drug store where Harry worked as a teen.

This jail cell doesn't look very welcoming, now does it?

While waiting for our rig to be worked on, we had lunch at a local Cracker Barrel and saw a Redlands poster on the wall.

We had the joy of driving about an hour away and meeting Julie and her daughter Lindsey. Julie read Iím Listening, Lord and wrote to Marilyn asking how she could find more copies of the book. Of course, the Lord arranged it that we were less than 75 miles away so this was our opportunity to meet Julie!

Lindsey, Marilyn, and Julie

We have some special prayer needs this month. Will you please pray for physical healing for our sister-in-law Karen, Marilynís brother Walt, and Marilynís cousin, Al. Marilyn is doing well physically. The Coumadin routine seems to be very well established now and there have been no atrial fibrillation events. That is very good news!

We plan to leave the Kansas area on June 5 and head for Shipshewana, IN and then on to Indianapolis, Lancaster, PA and finally Americaís Keswick by June 28.

In His love,

Glen and Marilyn


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