June 24th 2004


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We arrived at Keswick last Sunday, June 20. We definitely feel at home here. We have renewed acquaintance with many we met over prior summers.
Glen helped Brian Bitler and Sam Sutter install a new server for the campus this week. The pressure was really on as all of the computers had to be totally shut down for several days.
Tonight starts a weekend couples’ conference. We will be conducting the prayer time on Saturday and Sunday, and will be attending all of the conference. We have weekend conferences the next weekend as well, and the Prophecy Week, July 11-16. We will be speaking in New Milford, CT July 17 and 18 at Tom Burris’s church. Tom was our pastor at Community Bible Church in San Bernardino.
The Family Conferences start August 1. Conferences will continue here until September 6. I will be presenting workshops at many of the conferences.
Remember to check out the Keswick website at www.americaskeswick.org.  I hope many of you will consider coming to Keswick to a conference. We would love to see you.
It is wonderful to be back in our motor home again. It seems to be functioning very well. Thank you for your prayers and notes of concern.
Please continue to remember to pray that the pain in Glen’s shoulder, neck and back will dissipate. We are thankful he has found a good Physical Therapist and he will continue treatments for some time.
In His love,


Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December


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