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JUNE, 2008

Dear Friends,

Itís the beginning of June so this must be Indiana! We arrived in Indiana on May 27. We spent last evening listening to storm and tornado warnings. We were in a safe place, but if we had been in the park where we stayed for several years, the story would have been different. We are grateful for Godís timing and guidance.

Most of you received my note that little Lindsay Groen entered into the presence of Jesus on May 16. Although we are not part of the family, we are grieving, too. Please remember Lindsayís parents Jon and Laura and her little brother Tanner as well as her grandparents Jan and Bill Welte and Warren and Phyllis Groen and the extended family.

While our rig was parked in Missouri, we were able to fly to Sacramento to attend Mellynís college graduation. Mellyn graduated summa cum laude and we are extremely proud of her and of her accomplishments. Mellyn now has her teaching credential and a good lead on a teaching position for this fall. We had the privilege of taking part in a wonderful party celebration and catered dinner. Of course, Mellyn made sure we had enough food for an army! Mike and Christian had prepared a beautiful power point presentation in honor of Mellyn which brought tears to everyoneís eyes.

We spent time at Matt and Debís and got to celebrate Calebís 14th birthday with him.

We also had dinner several times with Deb and Matt and visited their church many times as well.

Then we went on to Waukegan, Illinois and spent the holiday weekend visiting our friends George and Irene. We became friends more than 35 years ago when George was the assistant pastor at Community Bible Church. While visiting them we got to see their son Jonathan, his wife and their two children. We also were treated to a wonderful boat tour on Lake Geneva.

Irene surprised us with a wonderful dinner and decorated cake to celebrate our 50th. What fun!
While in Illinois we also got to visit Glenís Aunt Kitty and husband Dave. Glen has the unique situation of having an aunt who is younger than he is! Aunt Kitty is dealing with radiation and chemo treatments at the moment, so we were thrilled to get to attend church with her and go out to dinner with Kitty and Dave afterwards.

While we were in Kansas, we made routine visits to our dentist, and while in Indiana, Marilyn visited her Primary Care doctor. Our eye doctor is in California! Oh the joys of traveling! We also had a checkup on our rig since we bought it in Olathe, KS. Most of that visit was routine although we did have to have the driverís side windshield replaced because a leak had developed. That repair required that we stay in a motel for two nights. Gratefully our insurance covered most of the cost for the repair and all of the motel costs.

We are in Indiana to visit our family and to attend Glenís fatherís memorial service in Richmond, Indiana on June 8. A family reunion/campout has been planned for that weekend, so we will move the rig to Richmond on June 6. We look forward to visiting with Heavilin aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings that weekend.

On June 9 we plan to head toward Michigan so that Marilyn can visit some of her family, and then on to Americaís Keswick where we will spend the summer.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us and for our health and safety.

In Him,

Glen and Marilyn

Marilyn and Mellyn at Graduation

Matt and Deb

Caleb at 14th birthday dinner

George and Irene

Marilyn, Glen, Aunt Kitty and husband Dave

George Heavilin, 1914 - 2007

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