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JUNE 2009
BACK HOME AGAIN IN INDIANA! Here we are right near the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway, and yes, we did watch the race...later. Unfortunately, we were in a black-out area so that we could not watch the race ‘real time.’ We did choose to visit The Speedway after the race and we had a great tour. Marilyn mentioned to the guide that the tour would be perfect if Helio Castroneves showed up. The guide laughed and said, “Do you like him because he is a race car driver and the 2009 winner or because he was on Dancing With The Stars?” Marilyn had to admit that her interest stemmed from Dancing With The Stars. The guide said that was true with most women. When Matthew was born, we lived in Speedway, Indiana and could hear the cars as they practiced before the day of the race.
We have been able to spend quite a bit of time with Marilyn’s brother Walt and his wife, Karen. Karen is doing fairly well since her chemo treatments, although she is dealing with edema in her legs. Walt is now among the unemployed and we are certain they would both appreciate your prayer. We have enjoyed getting to know Marilyn’s nephew, J.D.  He is now 23, a college student, and preparing for a summer as a worker for Child Evangelism Fellowship.
The Precious Moments cherubs arrived safely at America’s Keswick in New Jersey in May. They have now been placed near the walkway between the Raws Building and the Raws Auditorium. We have not seen them yet, but understand that they are near Little Dottie’s grave which is one of our favorite places on the campus.
We enjoyed visiting so many family members and long-time friends such as Gary Cooper, Vance and Carrie Kupisch, Aunt Mickey, Uncle Bill and Elaine, Marilyn’s cousin Sharon and her family, Marilyn’s cousin Bobbie and her family, and Marilyn’s cousin Lynnette.
While visiting cousin Sharon, we were able to attend a Memorial Day Parade in  Stevensville, Michigan. We loved the hometown flavor of the parade.
After attending the Heavilin reunion in Richmond, Indiana on June 13, we will head toward New Jersey.  Marilyn has begun to prepare for a workshop that she will be offering this summer at Keswick on Conflict Management. She is also scheduled to possibly speak in Ambler, PA,  and in Perrysburg, OH in the Fall.
Please continue to pray for our health and safety as we strive to serve the Lord.
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Helio Castroneves, 2009 Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway winner

Glen as a 500 Motor Speedway Driver

Precious Moments Cherubs at America's Keswick, Whiting, NJ

American flags in the Memorial Day Parade at Stevensville, Michigan

Stevensville Band for Memorial Day Parade

Sunset, Niles, Michigan

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