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We’ re still at Morro Bay and enjoying it immensely. During the time we have been here, we have watched the elephant seals, cheered on those in the AmGen bike race, and enjoyed the beautiful surf and sunsets.
We have also commemorated the 23rd anniversary of Nathan’s death. This year our friends Vicki and Wally joined us. The purple balloon is in remembrance of Vicki’s mom. Our tradition is growing as we have shared this time with others. In Newburgh, Indiana Melinda Hadley was remembered by her family on her 19th birthday which was also on February 10th. Melinda died last November in a tornado.
March 31, 2006 at 10:00 am (pst) is the date for Glen’s radioactive seed implantation procedure. Please remember Glen in prayer, and remember the doctors as well that the procedure will be uneventful and totally successful. Please pray for me as well that I will be full of peace and a strong encouragement to Glen. We will also appreciate prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. We are looking forward to being at Keswick this summer.
We will head for Redlands on the 13th of March and will be staying at the Mission RV Park.
As we understand the procedures at this point, we will need to stay in the Redlands area for at least a month after the procedure for follow-up check-ups with the doctors. Glen will also need to have several tests prior to the procedure, so we are praying that these appointments will be made without complications.
We have also enjoyed fellowship with the Boissons. They now live in Reno, but we knew them when they lived in Redlands. Alyssa is a student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. We visited with Roy and Meredith whom we met on our Alaska cruise last year, and we will be visiting with our friends Dwight and JoAnne from Visalia this week.
As of this moment I am still a student at Trinity. I will take my first exam once we arrive in Redlands so that Lauren Briggs can be my proctor. I have turned in four papers and received 100 on each paper.  (Maybe being old has some perks after all.)
When we are in Redlands we are looking forward to the dedication of the garden at Arrowhead Christian Academy called Nate’s Place. Even though it has been 23 years, it is good to know that Nate has not been forgotten.
Did you all get to see The End of the Spear? If not, please make that a goal. We got to view the film along with our friends, Wally and Vicki. Our Nate was named for Nate Saint and Glen and I had the privilege of standing in the actual room where the wives waited to hear word from their husbands via the ham radio. If you can’t see the film, and are interested in the story, please find the dvd Beyond The Gates of Splendor, a documentary of the story. We were able to purchase it at a Bible bookstore. The wives and their families are interviewed, and it is an exciting story.
We are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to serve him as we travel around the country viewing His magnificent creation. What a life!
In Him,

Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December

AmGen Bike Race

Sunset at Morro Dunes

Marilyn and Vicki with Balloons

Carol, Alyssa, and Bob Boisson

Glen and Marilyn with Marj Saint Vanderpuy.



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