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The Heavilin Herald
March, 2007
The time is coming soon that we will have to say goodbye to Morro Bay for this year. I keep telling the Lord that I am willing to live here if He will provide us with a place where I can view the ocean and the mountains and that I can afford. So far, that prayer has not been answered, unless you count silence as a possible “no”.
     Glen joined the church choir, I attended a weekly Bible study and a Christian Women’s Club luncheon. We also attended a Pie, Praise and Prayer evening at the Cambria Community Presbyterian Church. We highly recommend this social function....especially the pie!
     We are getting our itinerary put together. We plan to leave Redlands on the 26th of March and we hope to arrive in New Jersey at the end of June after attending Nate’s graduation in Kansas in May and Christian’s graduation in California in June. We are also starting to think of what we would like to do to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2008. Fifty years! Can you believe it? We had the privilege of seeing the movie Amazing Grace. May I recommend you all take time to see it. It will be well worth the investment of your time.
     We have enjoyed our time here immensely, but I don’t have a lot of news, so I have decided to just share some pictures of what retired people do.
Much love,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

We watch balloons


We fly kites



We watch the elephant seals



We watch tall ships


We visit castles


We watch beautiful sunsets.

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