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March 2009
 I guess it is true that time goes faster as you get older.  We will be leaving Morro Bay on March 9, and yet it seems we just got here. We are in our normal rush of trying to see friends and have a meal with them before we leave. Marilyn has tried to do more entertaining in our rig this year. We definitely provide ‘close fellowship’ as our guests are seated at the table and then become our ‘captives’ for the duration of their visit.
 So what have we done in Morro Bay? We have attended two weekly Bible studies, the Sunday services at church, and Glen has been part of the choir, but mostly we have simply enjoyed the beauty of God’s marvelous creation.
 One morning we awoke to snow on the mountains and yet the ocean was just as beautiful as ever. Glen captured this picture (below) with snow covered mountains and people enjoying the shore in short sleeved shirts. 
 We have also enjoyed eating at restaurants that had beautiful views to enhance our meals. We definitely enjoyed the food way too much, but we had wonderful fellowship with dear, dear friends at the same time.
 Unfortunately, we also learned the route to the ER as Marilyn’s flu seemed to be getting out of hand. The ER staff were very kind and helpful in providing guidance and medication, and now she is definitely on the mend. Glen had the flu as well, but his recovery seemed to come more quickly.
 We know this is a financially difficult time for many, including members of our own family, and we are praying that God will protect us all and that our political leaders will take the wisdom that God is providing for them. God has continued to impress us of how important it is that we continue to pray for God’s blessing, guidance and continued provision for this country.
 We are beginning to plan our itinerary for our trip East. We are hoping to visit many of our friends in Texas this time as well as relatives in Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, and Kansas. We plan to be in Redlands from March 10 to March 24 and then begin to head East. It is our hope that we will be in New Jersey by the end of June after a visit with our relatives in and near Indianapolis and a visit to Marilyn’s primary care doctor.
 As is our custom, Glen has a beautiful sunset picture to share with you (below). He took this on February 25, 2009.

Much love in Him,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Pacific Ocean with snow on mountains

Boats at Morro Bay

Sunset over Pacific Ocean, February 25, 2009

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