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MARCH 2010

“I’ll see you in three months,” may be some of the sweetest words we have ever heard. Those words were spoken by the cardiologist this morning. After being in the ER all night on February 6, watching her heart skip beats and race, after receiving many injections of meds in an attempt to slow her heart rate down, and after receiving a diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation, it was such a re lief to hear the cardiologist say he didn’t need to see Marilyn for three months. In the past three weeks she has had at least six EKG’s and two stress tests, plus a 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure read out, most of which have been quite normal The hospital put Marilyn on Warfarin (Coumadin) and Metoprolol, apparently for the duration.

The doctor said today that the medication will have to continue, possibly forever, because she has Atrial Fibrillation, which could flare up at any time, and high blood pressure. It is our decision that the foot surgery needs to be postponed until we can return to Redlands in the fall. We are also trying to obtain a second opinion on the proper approach to the foot problem.

It is our plan to return to Redlands on March 8, see our primary care doctor, receive a cardiologist referral and find a Coumadin consultant as soon as possible.

We invited our friends, Jack and Lydia Marzano to join us in our annual balloon launch in memory of our boys. It is always such a privilege to share this time with dear friends. We were later able to have lunch together. In His plan, God arranged for our friend Kathi to be at the launch point so that she could take pictures for us. When God is in charge, He never misses the smallest detail.

We decided to take an investigative drive on the lanes and roads around Morro Bay and saw this young great blue heron as we were driving. ( See picture below.)

We love this area and through our pictures we hope we are able to share a taste of it with you.

Our weather has been lovely at times, warm and sunny, and raining and cool at other times. The spring flowers are already beginning to appear.

We are grateful that God allowed us to be in this area when Marilyn became ill. It is our understanding that we have been connected to one of the best cardiology clinics in the state. And because of technology we were able to quickly share our prayer needs with people all over the world. We have heard from many of you and want to thank you for your notes and your prayers.

This is the view we see daily from our front window of the Morro Rock and the Pacific Ocean.(See picture below.)

Please continue to pray for us as we seek God’s divine guidance for our physical, spiritual, and medical needs.

In Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Balloon launch with the Marzanos

A young Great Blue Heron

The Morro Rock at Morro Bay, CA

Sunset at Cambria, CA


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