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Heavilin Herald

May 2008

We are currently in one of our favorite parks, Peculiar Park Place in Peculiar, Missouri.
We have had the privilege of spending two of our four weeks with Matt and his family. We have attended Legacy Christian Church in Overland Park, shared several meals with Matt and family, made a routine visit to our dentist, eaten at Culver’s, one of our favorite mid-west burger restaurants, made a regular visit to Olathe RV sales and repair, and we shopped at Costco! So we have done most of the routine things that we do when we visit Missouri/Kansas. Yet some rather non-routine things have occurred this month.

Many of you on our mailing list received Marilyn’s urgent e-mails asking you to pray for Lindsay Groen, the 22 month old granddaughter of Bill and Jan Welte. Bill is the Executive Director of America’s Keswick where we spend our summers, and our very dear friend.. On April 7 Lindsay had open heart surgery to repair a mitral valve. On April 15 Lindsay suffered cardiac arrest. She was revived by CPR, but the last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster for the family and for the thousands around the world who are praying for Lindsay.

Lindsay’s status is still uncertain. She has been placed on a heart transplant list, but the doctors also performed a very risky by-pass surgery on April 29. This was a very harrowing experience for everyone, but Lindsay survived and at the moment is gradually recovering. Needless to say, prayer is needed for the doctors that they will be given God’s wisdom in deciding how to treat Lindsay. Prayers are also needed for the family. Lindsay is in Boston Children’s Hospital which is hours away from home for all of the family. The needs are many and are great. If you want further information on how you can help, please contact us. If you would like to check Lindsay's blog, please go to

As we were traveling through Oklahoma, we noticed signs for a new RV park and decided to try it. The signs to the park were minimal and obviously hand made, but we were attracted by the fact that the signs stated the park had cable TV and WiFI. Since the park we normally stayed in did not have those amenities, we decided to investigate this new park. Generally, when we arrive at a park, we have to stop at an office building to register. As we arrived at this park, we saw that things were a little different. This was the office! (See picture below.) The flat box contained the form we had to fill out and we placed it and our money in the slot at the top. Someone had figured out how to run a very low-maintenance business!

We enjoyed our time in Tombstone and got to attend the annual Rose Tree parade. Tombstone has what is touted to be the largest rose tree in the world. Below is a picture of Marilyn standing next to the base of the tree. The roses were in bloom and the tree was beautiful.
We also enjoyed the parade with everyone dressing in western style/Victorian style clothing. Marilyn thinks she was born fifty years too soon because she would love to wear those dresses.
While we were in Tombstone, we had lunch in Sierra Vista, about 15 miles from Tombstone. Sierra Vista is the home of a military base. At the restaurant, there were four soldiers sitting at the booth across the aisle from us. Marilyn noticed the young men right away because they seemed so clean cut and happy. About half way through their meal, a man walked up to their table. We weren't sure what his intentions were. He was an older man and looked a little unkempt. However, he placed several bills that appeared to be twenties on the table and said, “I would like to pay for your meal. I really appreciate all you are doing for our country and I just wanted to say Thanks.” Then the man walked out of the restaurant. We applauded as the soldiers looked astonished. Later as they were getting ready to pay the bill, Marilyn noticed that they didn’t have quite enough, so Glen went over and made up the difference. The guys came over to thank us and allowed us to take the picture below.
The man who took the original action touched my heart and made me think, Why didn't I think of that first? It seems the world is talking about giving right now. For example: the show The Big Give has challenged the whole world to think about giving sacrificially. Shouldn't we as Christians be thinking about giving even more than the world?
We hear on the news of the economy slump across the U.S., and while we know that is true in some places, we have also observed the seemingly unlimited spending around the country. We wanted to get tickets to see The Prairie Home Companion show when we visit Michigan in June. We tried to get through on the phone for two hours after the tickets went on sale. When we finally got through, we discovered all 3500 of the tickets had been sold in two hours and the minimum cost was $45 per ticket!
We know the country is facing a financial challenge, and the groups that feel it the most seem to be the churches and charitable organizations. We have found that when we are facing a financial challenge is the perfect time to give because we can see God’s work firsthand.
Those of you who have received our newsletters since 2002 know this is a first for us, but we feel God is leading us to speak out at this time.
We are throwing out a challenge to you: First, I trust you are all giving to your local churches, which should be your priority, but if you have any left you can give, would you consider America’s Keswick? Keswick is definitely facing a financial challenge right now.
Forty men at a time are given the opportunity to recover from their addictions. While they are asked to work on the Keswick campus, their 120 days of treatment only costs them an initial $150! The rest of the cost comes from donations to America’s Keswick. Through our time at Keswick we have realized that addiction affects us all, and I’m sure we’ve all heard of the thousands of dollars it costs to be a resident in a secular program. Yet the success rate at Keswick so out shines any statistics at secular centers.
Glen and I are so impressed with America’s Keswick. We have found things there that we do not see across the country: 1. We see God work in the lives of His people every day. 2. We hear preaching that is Bible based and Christ centered. 3. They offer Christian programs for the whole family all year. The slogan at Keswick is “Where God speaks to hearts and transforms lives.” We see that slogan lived out every day in the staff and the conferees.
A link to the Keswick website is posted on our web site. If you don’t have access to that, you can just go to Another way to find out about Lindsay is by going to the Keswick website, scrolling down until you see Lindsay’s picture on the right side and clicking on it.
If you wish to contribute to America’s Keswick your checks can be made out to America’s Keswick and sent to 601 Route 530, Whiting, NJ 08759-3501.
On May 15 we will fly to Sacramento to visit Mellyn and attend her college graduation ceremony. We will return to Missouri on May 18. We plan to remain here until May 21 when we will leave and head toward Illinois to visit our friends George and Irene Butenuth before we go to Indiana where we will attend Glen’s father’s memorial service on June 8. We will visit family there, see Marilyn’s doctor, and then go on to Michigan to see Marilyn’s Aunt Mickey, Uncle Bill, cousin Bobby Jean, and other cousins as well. Then we will head toward New Jersey for our summer stint at America’s Keswick. We appreciate your prayers for our health and safety.

In Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Lindsay Alice Groen

RV Park "Office," Guymon, OK

Marilyn next to original rose tree, Tombstone, AZ

Ladies in Rose Parade, Tombstone, AZ

Soldiers at Sierra Vista, AZ

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