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We left Redlands on April 17 after enjoying visits with many, many dear friends. We always seem to gain weight while we are in California because we go out to eat so often.

We then went to Yuma, AZ and on to Phoenix where we enjoyed meeting more friends and relatives. We went from Phoenix to Tombstone to see more friends and enjoy more meals out. We also took time to walk around Tombstone and do some shopping. Marilyn has a favorite store to shop in Tombstone. On Sunday we visited the Christian Church in Sierra Vista and then, of course, we went out to lunch.

On Tuesday we headed toward Texas and stayed in Van Horn, TX. Earlier that day we drove through El Paso, TX which is very close to the bordertown of Juarez, Mexico. We felt like we were going through a war zone. We could see Juarez, Mexico about a block away where five men were murdered two days before and a Border Patrol helicopter was flying below us over the Rio Grande River as we were driving on the freeway above. We went through an inspection check point and watched as drug sniffing dogs checked all of the truckers and a young man was detained, probably because of drugs.

Several more people were shot and killed in Juarez the day after we drove through El Paso. I am extremely grateful that I am an American-born citizen. It is amazing to see a ten or more foot high barbed wire fence that separates one nation from the other.

We continued traveling to Fredericksburg, TX for the weekend. This town is very charming and resort-like. We saw many wildflowers on the side of the road. It was a beautiful trip.

Just a few miles from Fredericksburg was the LBJ Ranch, so we took a tour. At one time LBJ had more than 3,000 acres on his ranch which also included a family cemetery.

We enjoy visiting the private presidential homes because it seems we can catch a glimpse of the ‘real’ person rather than the person we may see on TV.

We also were able to visit a fairly large Baptist church on Sunday in Fredericksburg.

While there, Marilyn was able to do a little bit of shopping and we both enjoyed the local food.

The best part of traveling through Texas was that we got to see long-time friends. In Temple, Texas we were able to meet David and Carol Nix. They were the very first bereaved couple that Marilyn counseled with back in 1986. Carol arranged Marilyn’s first speaking engagement, but she had not seen David or Carol in almost 25 years.

We drove on to Waco, TX after lunch where Marilyn had an appointment for a Coumadin check. The lab from Redlands called the next morning and all is well. She doesn’t have to have her blood checked again for three weeks! That is very good.

The next day we drove to Ft. Worth and got to meet Deanna and Jerry Luke and enjoy a wonderful dinner at the Omni Hotel. Marilyn had never met the Lukes face to face before but had become good friends with Deanna through e-mail as a fellow author. Upon meeting Deanna and Jerry it seemed we had always known them.

Please continue to pray for us for health and safety. We plan to meet Matt and family in Manhattan, KS on Saturday to attend Kate’s graduation from Manhattan Christian College.

Much love in Him,

Glen and Marilyn

Stagecoach in Tombstone

Field of wildflowers in Texas

The LBJ ranch

David and Carol Nix with Glen and Marilyn

Marilyn with Deanna Luke

Sunset in Tombstone, AZ

7-02-1918 TO 5-03-2010

My Aunt Erma came to California in 1986 to visit us and my Uncle Bill helped with the remodeling of our house in Redlands.

I was in my Uncle Bill’s wedding. He and Erma lived with us while my dad helped Bill build their house after the war which he continued to live in until his death.

I watched Uncle Bill live as a man of God and I watched him deal with life very consistently.

We visited my Uncle Bill several times in our travels.

He married Elaine in 1997 and it is obvious she adored him.


My grandfather, Dale Davis, holding Russell Davis, Mary Davis, holding Bill Davis, my mom, Bertha Davis Willett.

My Aunt Erma, my Uncle Bill, my parents, Mel and Bertha in 1986 when Bill and Erma visited us and Uncle Bill did work on our house on Grant Street.

My mom's siblings, Bill, Bertha, Russell and Jean probably in the late 1980's.

My Uncle Bill with me in Spring of 2008.

Elaine with my Uncle Bill in 2008.

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