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November 2005

For the past few days, we have been singing “We’re On The Road Again!” What a joy!
We do miss our friends at Keswick, however. It was very difficult to leave this time. Our last Sunday there we enjoyed a wonderful concert by the Salvation Army New York Staff Band, and that evening we watched as our friend Ron graduated from the Colony of Mercy 120 day program. (See photo below.) We also said goodbye to many of the guys at the Colony. I have their pictures on my refrigerator door as a reminder to pray for them daily.
We left on Monday morning and spent a few days in Lancaster, PA. We had our twice a year visit with my cousin Monica and her family.
We then drove to Roxbury, PA, a retreat center, where I had the privilege of speaking to a group of ladies from Central Presbyterian in Chambersburg, PA. The director and I have become fast friends over the past few years. (See photo of Cindy and me below.) Roxbury campground is located in a beautiful, rolling area of Pennsylvania. (See photo below)
We also had the privilege of counseling with another family who lost their Nathan James in a car crash this past February.
When the retreat finished we drove to Gettysburg. That area has definitely become one of our favorites. We celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary by enjoying a dinner at the Fairfield Inn,  in a quaint 200 year old building.
We arrived in Indianapolis on October 30. Our doctor in Redlands was concerned about Glen’s most recent PSA test and requested that we find a doctor who would do a biopsy on the prostate. Fortunately, our former doctor in Brownsburg, IN was able to arrange that for us. The biopsy was done on Thursday, November 3. Well, we have now received word from the doctor. There is a small, slow-growing cancer in the prostate. I think that is still good news if the sentence has to have the word cancer in it. We are currently in the process of trying to connect with our Redlands doctor, but it looks like we will be in Redlands for December and possibly longer. Please pray we will be able to find a spot to park the RV. We are currently on the waiting lists for two RV parks in the area.
Friday, November 4, we drove to Bloomington, IN to enjoy my birthday with our friends Jack and Carol Peterman. We all drove to Nashville, IN and had dinner in a restaurant with a spectacular view of the Fall colors. (See picture of Jack and Carol below.)
This has been a special time in Indianapolis because we both had a chance to visit with Glen’s brother George and his wife Cathy several times. Even though George and Cathy have been married 31 years, since we lived in California most of that time, we could probably count on both hands the number of times we have seen each other over that number of years. Cathy and I enjoyed a day of going from one Craft show to another. What fun! Cathy gave me two darling, cuddly little bears because she knows I share my bears with those who are bereaved. (See picture of Glen’s brother and me below.)
I started my Masters program in Biblical Counseling at the end of September. I have been reading, reading, and reading ever since. I am almost through the reading part; then I have to listen to many CD’s and finally I am required to write several papers. We had thought of going to Newburgh, Indiana last week end to visit the campus. If you have been able to keep up with the news, you know that Newburgh was hit Sunday evening with a very strong tornado. We have heard little news so far but we do understand that several of the staff lost their homes and one staff member lost a loved one. It seems the areas hardest hit were mobile home parks. The residual storms in Indy were enough to keep us awake most of the night. We are grateful that we didn’t follow through on our thoughts about driving to Newburgh. God is faithful.
We are currently in Carthage, MO the home of Precious Moments Inspiration Park. This is the first time we were able to see the memorial cherubs with our boys’ names on them. (See pictures below.)
Today we visited the George Washington Carver National Monument run by the National Park Service. Wow! I knew so little about Carver, but he was a man of God and the video at the park says so! It was so exciting to hear of a strong Christian faith with no apology or disclaimer to follow.
Please pray for us as we wait on the Lord for instructions and provisions for the next few months and for our future.
In Him,
Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December


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