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November 2007

The past few weeks have included many celebrations. On October 24, our granddaughter Kate celebrated her twentieth birthday. Kate and Nate both came home from college for the weekend with five other college students as weekend guests.  My hat is off to Matt and Deb for the stamina they have to keep up with those energetic teens.  The activity of the weekend made me very reminiscent of our house about thirty years ago.
     When we arrived in Overland Park we discovered our grandson Caleb is now a blonde! I think he looks great.
    On October 25 Glen and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary. On that morning we took Caleb to a rodeo, and later that day we went out to dinner.  We had a great, but brief, time in Overland Park. We visited several senior facilities to see what was available, but we decided that we simply don’t feel old enough for such places yet.
    We left Overland Park on October 29 and headed toward Colorado Springs where I was scheduled to speak the following weekend. Our first day out we thought we had a tire going flat on the rig. We parked in the parking lot at a Cracker Barrel and called for road service which came quickly. They discovered that there was a leaky valve that was letting the pressure out of the tire. That was repaired quickly and we were on our way again.
    We arrived at Glen Eyrie, the headquarters of Navigators, on November 1. Navigators has a retreat center which is housed at the location of the Glen Eyrie castle.  The setting is one of the most beautiful I have seen. The castle is huge and very well preserved.
    As we drove in each morning we got to enjoy the wild life that seemed to be waiting to greet us. We saw many deer and wild turkeys. The big horn sheep did not choose to be seen by us, but other conferrees saw them.
    I spoke at a bereavement seminar and loved interacting with the conference guests. The last day they presented me with a cake and presents and they all sang Happy Birthday to help me celebrate my seventieth birthday.
    We are now on our way to Redlands for the rest of November and all of December.  Glen will be acting at LifeHouse Theater in It’s A Wonderful Life. If you are in the area, we hope you will attend one of the performances. Check out this link for ticket information.
    Please continue to pray for our health and safety.
In Him,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Nathan and Emma



Matt and Deb

Glen and Marilyn on 49th Anniversary

Glen Eyrie Castle



My birthday cake


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