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November 2010

October was definitely a memorable month for us. First, we thought rehearsals started for Scrooge on the 4th of October when in fact they didn’t start until the 26th of October. So...we had time to sight-see around California. Did it matter that we had lived here for over 40 years? Not much! At least we knew what we wanted to see again and what we had missed in our 40 years here. We knew we liked visiting Catalina Island, so we did that, and as I mentioned in my earlier newsletter, we had a grand time. We had never had a chance to visit a taping of The Wheel of Fortune, so we did that. On that trip we also had dinner at Lawrey’s Prime Rib restaurant. We really enjoyed seeing Pat Sajak and Vanna White in person and it was fun to see the Wheel set and the process of taping a show. We saw 3 shows be taped. They will air November 25, 26 and January 5. We may be shown in the shows but it will be so quick that if you blink, you will miss us. We loved eating at Lawrey’s. The whole place is definitely old Hollywood style. The food was excellent, too.
October 25 marked our 52nd wedding anniversary. We invited five couples to join us for dinner at Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus. Marilyn says, “If you make it past 50 years, every year warrants a special celebration.” We loved celebrating with our dear friends the Kuhns, the Bottens, the Durrs, the Neases, and the Lindens. God has been so good to us to allow us to have such a nice celebration.
We are at a lovely RV park where we have stayed for the past several years. We requested that we were allowed to stay in a space where we could have some view of the mountains, Mission School, and the various activities we could see in the area. Here is a paragraph Marilyn wrote regarding what she saw.


I sat mesmerized as I watched that gorgeous old historic school building crumble in the jaws of the demolition excavator. That machine opened its jaws and took a huge bite out of the building. I could almost see it gulp, chew and then spew the remains onto the ground. Then it was ready for the next huge bite. I was in shock. How could it not be a mistake to demolish that wonderful old building? Then that
building-eating monster headed toward the landmark tower. NOT THE TOWER!!! I gasped in horror as that monster of a machine tugged at the tower. The tower groaned some, then tumbled to the ground. The monster machine was not content just to pull the tower off its moorings, but once the tower was on the ground, that awful machine pounded on the tower until it succumbed to the pounding and broke into many smaller pieces. THE TOWER WAS GONE! Oh, oh, oh, I was devastated. How could that happen to such a beautiful old building that looked so steady and firm? The building needed to be made “earthquake safe,” and it was actually cheaper to tear the structure down and start over. The city felt that building’s structure would not withstand a strong earthquake. But it looked so good on the outside!
As we look out at the playyard now, with all of the broken and smashed cement, the area definitely looks like a war zone, but we have high hopes that the view will improve before we leave this area.
We are enjoying our opportunity to ‘visit’ our church again. Today we celebrated the non-traditional St. George’s Day with many people wearing plaid and hearing the bagpiper and drummer at the service and in the quad area.
Marilyn’s foot surgery is still set for November 8 as an out-patient surgery. Please pray for the surgeons and a speedy recovery. Please continue to pray for Marilyn’s cousin Al and her sister-in-law Karen as their chemo treatments continue.

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Glen and Marilyn on 52nd Anniversary

Building-eating monster

Morning Service

Sunrise, Redlands, CA

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