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That’s right, it has been forty-six years since we said “I Do.” We’ve had some major traumas and some deep hurts and disappointments, but we can both say “God is so Good.” We never imagined we would have the privilege of enjoying this wonderful life of traveling and serving the Lord. We are indeed grateful.


Since we left Keswick at the end of September, we have enjoyed traveling through Lancaster and the Amish area of Pennsylvania. We attended Noah, a wonderful production by Sight and Sound. I had the privilege of speaking to a Compassionate Friends Chapter near Philadelphia. We visited our friends Art and Carol, Katie and Jason, and Harry and Janice. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit with my cousin Steve’s daughter Monica and her family. I hadn’t seen Monica since she was a tiny little girl and now she, her husband and their four year old son all live in a wonderful old house in the beautiful countryside near Lancaster.
We also spent a week in
Gettysburg. We spent time with our friend Cindy and visited Central Presbyterian Church right on the circle in Chambersburg.


We then drove to
College Park, Maryland, just a few miles from Washington, D. C. Although we have been to D.C. several times before we visited the new                                              


WWII memorial, the FDR memorial and the Holocaust Museum, places we had not been before. Our hearts were saddened as we saw the toll 9/11 has taken on D.C. Security was everywhere. It is not possible to get closer than about two blocks from the White House. Years ago Glen and I toured the inside of the White House, but now tourists must strain to just get a glimpse of it. When we were at the Holocaust Museum, a guard announced everyone must evacuate a room where we had been sitting in booths listening to taped wartime conversations. A woman had left her purse in one of the booths and no one could go back into the room, not even the owner of the purse, until security had checked it out thoroughly.

We are now parked on my cousin’s property in Goodrich, Michigan for a few days. The trip from DC to here was full of color.


Please pray for Glen. He had another bout with his neck and back today. He was in such terrible pain, we were able to get him in to see a Chiropractor this afternoon. The session gave him great relief and he is doing much better tonight. He will see the doctor again on Thursday. Please pray with us that he will have continued healing and that our schedule won’t have to be altered too much.


We have had two special days of celebration this week.  On the 25th we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary, and on the 24th our granddaughter Kate turned 17 years old!




We had our first ride in an Amish buggy this week, and  Kate now has her driver’s license. I am sure she will do fine if she can just find a way to keep her parents and grandparents calm.


Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December


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