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We drove into the circle drive. A valet attendant gave us a ticket, welcomed us, and gave us directions to the registration desk which was right next to the concierge. The registration clerks were very kind and efficient. Since it was our first visit, a volunteer quickly stood at our side to escort us to the room we were looking for. Was this a posh hotel? No. It was a HOSPITAL! We entered this huge establishment in Indianapolis with a maze of halls, doors, and medical equipment just to have some testing done. I am realizing that living in California for thirty-seven years and dealing with the medical system has caused me to believe everyone in the U. S. had to wait weeks for medical appointments and make appointments for physicals a year in advance, but that is not true.
The other thing we are discovering is that gas prices are much different here. The picture below shows $1.98 per gallon. We have since seen prices as low as $1.95.
We came to Indianapolis ahead of our planned schedule in the hopes we would have time to make an appointment to see the same doctor I had seen last June. I was also able to see a Pulmonary Specialist to try to figure out why I continue to have asthma symptoms. Since nothing was revealed after an x-ray and a pulmonary stress test, the doctor is still trying to set up some more appointments for a heart stress test and a sleep test before we leave this area.
Staying around here for an extended time has given us the chance to enjoy the fall colors which have appeared since we arrived here.
We have also had the chance to visit many friends as we have slowly begun our trek toward the west. We visited Glenís parents in Richmond, Indiana. His father is now 92 and his mother is 89. They are still maintaining their own apartment. Glen gave their computer a check up while we were there.  We also met Frank and Cathy James who live in rural Indiana. Their daughter Valerie died nine years ago. Cathy shared with me several years ago that after her daughterís death Cathy continually carried Roses In December around with her for sixteen months, almost like Linusís blanket. We had dinner with Cathy and Frank and just continue to thank God for the ministry He has continued to give us.
This past weekend was Glenís 50th high school reunion. There were four events planned for the weekend. We attended three of them! Out of a potential of 51 graduates, 26 attended the reunion. The picture below is of four of the ladies getting ready for the group picture. You will notice, true to their custom, they have switched shoes so that none of them are wearing matched shoes!
We also had the chance to drive around Brownsburg and reminisce as that was where we lived when we were first married, and all of children were born in the Brownsburg area. The neighborhoods and trees have grown so much, it took us some time to figure out where we used to live. We took a double take when we realized a second story has been added to our former one-story house.
In September after we left Keswick, we drove to Lancaster, PA to visit friends in that area; then, we drove to our favorite RV park near Washington, D.C. Our friends from Keswick, Rich and Sue were also on their way home after volunteering at Keswick, and we enjoyed a night time tour of D.C. with them. Rich and Sue have been summer volunteers at Keswick for 26 years.
Marilyn will be speaking for Compassionate Friends in Jefferson City, MO on October 14. Before Christmas we plan to make stops in South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, and Kansas. We hope to spend Christmas in Tombstone, Arizona prior to arriving in Morro Bay, California from the middle of January to the middle of March.
We have truly enjoyed this summerís time at Keswick and the opportunity to visit friends along the way as we travel. We appreciate your prayers for health and safety as we continue to serve the Lord as He presents us with ministry opportunities.

In Him,

Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December

Gas prices in Indiana


Fall colors in Indiana





Ladies getting ready for group reunion pictures. Notice the shoes!



Rich and Sue with Marilyn on night time tour of Washington, D.C. 





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