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Where in the world did the summer go? We left Keswick on the 14th of September feeling the summer should just be starting rather than ending. We spent a few days in Lancaster, PA and took a back stage tour of Sight and Sound Theatre. We also visited a former pastor from San Bernardino, Tom Burris and his wife Linda. Marilyn spoke at the Church of the Good Shepard in Lebanon, PA for our friends, Janice and Harry Hess. She had also spoken earlier in September for a Compassionate Friends chapter in Ambler, PA for our friends Art and Carol Silverman.

After Lancaster, we went to Gettysburg and visited a WWII camp re-enactment. We also visited the church in Gettysburg where Ike attended and where Lincoln visited after he gave the Gettysburg address. We love Gettysburg because of all of the history. We did chuckle when we heard a teen who was visiting Ikeís farm. As he observed the golf green in the back yard, he asked, ďDid somebody play golf?Ē Our introduction to golf came because of Ike. Oh my, we had to realize that we not only enjoy history, we are part of the history.

We visited our family in Michigan and celebrated Glenís 70th birthday with Marilynís Aunt Mickey and her daughter and son-in-law. We also got to see Marilynís Uncle Bill, his wife Elaine, and Marilynís cousin Kathy and her husband David. We visited some of the Willett cousins which is always a special treat for Marilyn. In Shipshewana, Indiana we were able to meet up with Marilynís cousins, Sharon and Al who work much of the time with Sowers, so it has been a couple of years since we have seen them.

We are now in Indianapolis and plan to be here most of October so that Marilyn can visit her doctor ,and we want to spend some time with Walt and Karen, Marilynís brother and sister-in-law. Karen will start chemotherapy treatments on October 3 for ovarian cancer.

In her spare time, Marilyn has read In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. Apparently this is an extremely well-known book, but somehow we missed it. It was written in 1896. If you have not read it, Marilyn recommends that you do.

The weather is beautiful; the trees are turning color, and itís just too bad that this area actually has snow! We think we could like it here if it werenít for the snow. We always jokingly say that when we see snow, we know it is Godís will for us to leave! Forty years in California definitely spoiled us.

The presidential election is just a month away. Our country is in a dire situation and this election is crucial. Enjoy your liberty and be sure to vote! Election Day will be on Marilynís 71st birthday.

We are reminded of the great needs of our Christian friends as we now have four of our friends in treatment for various types of cancer. Please remember Karen, Ruth, Sue, and Aunt Kitty in your prayers as God brings them to your mind.

We are so thankful that we can keep in touch with each of you and are grateful for the internet and the way it helps us keep in contact with you. These new fangled inventions can be useful even for us ďold people.Ē If you are so inclined, the public meetings at Americaís Keswick can now be watched live on the web, and some of the summer meetings have been archived as well. Just go to www.americaskeswick.org and click on the link to the videos.

Marilyn just had a lengthy chat with our sister-in-law, Karen, and she did very well with her first round of Chemotherapy. We are grateful to the Lord for this answer to prayer.

This afternoon, we saw the movie Fireproof and highly recommend it as a tool to minister to those who are struggling in their marriage and/or with Christian concepts. It is a family movie and I hope you will support this type of movie.

Please continue to pray for us as we travel and desire to bring hope to those we meet.

In Him,

Marilyn and Glen Heavilin

Janice, Marilyn, Harry at Church of the Good Shepard

Ike's golf green and WWII camp re-enactment in background

Aunt Mickey with Glen on his 70th birthday

Sister-in-law Karen

Dear friend Ruth

Dear friend, Sue

Aunt Kitty

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