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October 2009
We arrived in Indianapolis on September 28. We will probably be here until near the end of October.
Marilyn’s health is much improved. Her strength is quickly returning, but the shingles pain lingers on although it does seem to be dissipating. The pain lessening is a huge answer to prayer since the doctor warned the pain could last forever.
On our trip west we have tried to take pictures of unusual sights. One of the funniest sights we saw was at Costco in Lancaster, PA. We watched as a truck with a cherry picker attached made several attempts to get in the right position so that the repairman could change a lightbulb in the canopy over the gas pumps. Out of total frustration, the arm was extended as far as it would go and the repairman shinnied out the arm, over the cars, and replaced the bulb. Marilyn couldn’t resist snapping this picture below.
While in Lancaster, this vehicle (pictured below) parked next to us. Can you guess what the miniature paddlewheel boat was used for? Glen talked to the owner and the miniature is used as a stage for a marionette show. The show is presented at state and county fairs all over the country.
One night as we were waiting in line for dinner, we looked out the window and saw a hot air balloon getting ready to take off. This time, Marilyn sent Glen to snap a picture while she kept their place in line for dinner.
We pulled into a rest area to fix lunch and noticed a ‘critter’ apparently having his lunch, too. Once we realized it was a porcupine, we made sure we kept a safe distance We had dinner with Marilyn’s cousin Judy who lives in Sterling, VA. We were also able to see Marilyn’s cousin Monica in Lancaster and Marilyn's cousin Sharon in Niles, Michigan.
Marilyn had a very successful speaking engagement in Toledo. She spoke four times in three days. Thank you so much for praying that God would give her the strength she needed. Your prayers were answered.
We visited Shipshewana, IN just before arriving in Indianapolis. We had the privilege of attending a Pat Boone concert. Most of the people were seniors and there were lots of gray heads, but we fit right in and had lots of fun. At least it was a very clean concert and definitely a stroll down Memory Lane for us.
This has been quite a month for us. Marilyn feels the summer nearly stopped before it got started. It was very difficult for her to miss so many of the meetings, but we have confidence that God has a plan. That doesn’t mean we have figured out what His plan is, but we know He has a perfect plan for us.
There are many at Keswick that we miss. Let me share some pictures with you.
We don’t have enough pages to list everyone at Keswick that we miss, but these are new pictures of people we have mentioned in earlier newsletters, so we wanted to share them with you..
Besides being confident of God’s plan, we have also learned once again just how fragile life really is. We often think of the statement that we should plan like we are going to live forever, but live each day as though it is our last.
We plan to be in Indianapolis until near the end of October. By the time I write the next letter, we will have celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary and I will be 72. Glen celebrated his 71st birthday on September 25 with our friends in Toledo. We plan to be with Matt in Kansas for Thanksgiving, and then we will head for California.
Please continue to pray for our health and our safety.
In Him,

Glen and Marilyn

Man attempting to change lightbulb at Costco Gas Station

Miniature Paddle Wheel Boat

Hot Air Balloon in Lancaster, PA

Porcupine at Rest Area

Pat Boone, Shipshewana, Indiana

Bill Welte, Executive Director, America's Keswick

Joyce Hayes, Musician in Residence at America's Keswick

Sue Jarmer, Summer Volunteer Gardener

Sunset, Southport, Indiana


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