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October 2010

It is October 8th already. Can you believe it? We arrived in Redlands a week ago. The very next day we went to LifeHouse Theater to see Little Women. This was the first time that Glen could sit with Marilyn during the production because he has always played Mr. Lawrence in the production until this time. One of our favorite characters in the play is Aunt March played by our friend, Debbie Race. Debbie is a delightful lady who manages to play an ‘old grump’ perfectly.

Glen is anxiously preparing to play the part of Scrooge in the Christmas play of Scrooge. This will be the 25th anniversary of the first presentation of Scrooge. We both remember appearing in the 1986 presentation at Trinity Evangelical Free Church here in Redlands.

We have been very busy since our arrival in Redlands last week. We attended church on Sunday and were welcomed by many dear friends. On Tuesday we went to Catalina Island. Marilyn was reminded of the song “Twenty-six miles across the sea. Santa Catalina is waiting for me.” On our trip ‘across the sea’ we caught a beautiful view of the Queen Mary. We enjoyed the chance to unwind some from a very busy summer. We loved the island, but we did tire of the hills. It seemed it was impossible to go anyplace without going uphill. We did love the opportunities to eat at some great restaurants and enjoy the gorgeous views.

We definitely enjoy the California weather, but we do miss our friends at Keswick, too.

We just received a letter from our granddaughter Kate. She is going with a group from her church to India on a mission trip in January. She is beginning the fund raising portion of this very special event. If you would like to receive information about her trip, please let us know, and we will pass on that information to Kate.

Marilyn’s foot surgery is still set for November 8. All of the routine doctor’s visits begin next week. We also have a date on October 14th to have the jacks repaired on the motor home.

Please continue to pray for Marilyn’s sister-in-law Karen and her cousin Al as they are both receiving chemotherapy treatments.

Much love in Him,

Glen and Marilyn

Aunt March

Queen Mary

Glen and Marilyn at restaurant on Catalina Island

Sunset in Peculiar, MO

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