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Who would have guessed even a week ago that gas prices would jump more than a dollar per gallon? We reluctantly paid $3.25 for unleaded gas this weekend. We are having to make some major adjustments in our travel plans because of this sudden increase. We will be driving the Toyota to my speaking engagement in Toledo this next week instead of driving the RV. We had hoped to travel to North Carolina after Toledo to visit our friends John and Rose Stanley. That plan has been cancelled. We will return to Whiting, NJ and spend our time here until my speaking engagement in Chambersburg, PA October 23-25. We will then leave this area and head to California by way of Kansas.
Our conference season has ended here at America’s Keswick. We are all very tired, but we are rejoicing in the wonderful opportunities we had to serve the Lord this summer. This weekend marked the grand finale of the summer. Our sold out Labor Day weekend conference began on Friday evening as Dr. Charles Price from the Peoples Church in Toronto spoke. Each morning Dr. Woodrow Kroll from Back To The Bible radio program spoke to us.
At the Sunday morning service, Jeremy Nathan Bitler was dedicated as his parents Brian and Donna Bitler and sisters Jesslyn and Julia looked on. (See photo below) Jeremy was more interested in Bill Welte’s micraphone than he was the fact there were hundreds of people in the audience watching him.
In the afternoon we attended a concert at America’s Keswick featuring violinist Jaime Jorge. The concert was thrilling. If you get a chance to hear Jaime, please make sure you do.
The conference ended this morning. I promptly came home and took a nap! This evening we attended a Colony of Mercy picnic. What fun! We had a chance to visit casually with some of the men and their families. I am including pictures of Ron and his family, Danny and me, Lorin, me, and Steve. The plus of staying here until October is that we will get to attend several Colony of Mercy graduations and we can spend more time with the men.
Our granddaughter Kate started college two weeks ago. I have already sent her one care package and I imagine I will send several more this year. I’m sure Kate will adjust to being away from home much more quickly than we are all adjusting to the fact she is already in college.
I’m sure all of you are just as stunned as we are as we see reports of the devastation in the South. May we all be faithful in praying for those displaced by this tragedy.
We still plan to be in the West for Christmas and we are looking forward to our annual stay at Morro Bay, CA.
In His love,
Marilyn Heavilin
author of Roses In December





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