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September 2007


Well, August was a jammed-packed month. We participated in five week-long conferences which included morning and evening sessions where we heard wonderful music and great speaking and teaching. Marilyn taught several workshops and helped with the ladies’ teas each week, at which the staff women set the tables with their best china and the staff ladies also provided wonderful treats for the ladies to enjoy. We both helped lead several morning prayer times. Glen also managed to show up in the computer office several hours each day.
    This year was even more memorable as we had a few dear friends gather as we dedicated the memorial bricks we had given here at Keswick in memory of our boys. Our dear friend Dr. Bob Alderman offered a prayer of dedication that our boys’ testimony will go on forever. I suppose some may think it strange that we continue to “plant” memorials all over the country, but it is our desire that the witness of God’s faithfulness to us will outlast us.
    We were the guests of Brian and Donna Bitler for a trip down memory lane as we traveled to Northeast, Maryland to enjoy lunch at Woody’s Seafood Grill which is near Sandy Cove Conference Center where I have spoken frequently. I had the privilege of treating Brian to dinner there on his 21st birthday some years back. Glen now works for Brian in the computer department here.
    The favorite thing for me is getting to know the guys in the Colony of Mercy, the addiction rehabilitation center here at Keswick. Through the Colony we see God’s hand in changing lives every day. If you want to know more about this work, please check the web site at
We will be leaving here on the 13th of September and will make stops in Lancaster, PA, Gettysburg, PA, Indianapolis, Overland Park, KS, Colorado Springs, CO and finally Redlands, CA. Glen will be performing in LifeHouse Theater’s presentation of It’s A Wonderful Life. To read more about that, please go to
I am so excited that I have been invited to speak at Glen Eyrie Castle, the home of Navigators, the first weekend of November.Click here: Marilyn Heavilin - Roses in December - Glen Eyrie - Christian Camps and Conferences 

My favorite memory here at Keswick will always be the Colony men singing Victory In Jesus. Some of you know that Victory In Jesus was our theme song as our family was growing up. Through our lives we have experienced Victory, and as I watch these men sing that song, I know they understand VICTORY, too.
One of our speakers, Dr. Steve McVey stated VICTORY is a GIFT, not a GOAL.
Romans 8:37 states “Overwhelming Victory is ours through Christ who loved us.”
Please continue to pray for our health and safety.
In Him,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Marilyn's table at the tea



The Memorial Bricks at America's Keswick



Amelia, Dr. Bob Alderman and Marilyn


Donna and Brian at Woody's


Colony men singing Victory In Jesus


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