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The last session of the summer conferences ended at noon on Labor Day. It is soooo quiet here at Keswick. No meetings, no group meals to attend, no crowds of people. The summer went by so swiftly, but we had time to gather beautiful memories. How we wish we could have shared the sights and sounds with each of you, the sounds of the beautiful music produced by Keswick’s resident musicians, Robert, Joyce,and Jordan Hayes, and the Sunday concerts that we were privileged to attend.

We were reacquainted with dear friends that we have met each year and the new friends we made this year. We got to experience the openness of the Colony men. Openness to share their need of a Savior, openness to admit their struggles, openness to share their spiritual challenges, and their openness to accept and love us. Each day we have seen God at work. It is not unusual to be walking toward the Raws Auditorium and see someone stopping to pray with a person in need, or to have the conference leader share a prayer request and ask that the audience gather in small groups to pray for that special need.

We will be heading out on the 14th of September, and we’re already lonesome! We are truly grateful that God has given us this opportunity to serve Him. Marilyn presented two workshops each week in August which were very successful.

Marilyn’s sister-in-law, Karen had surgery recently and as the doctor suspected there was cancer in the mass on her left ovary. The doctor also found what he thought was cancer on a couple of lymph nodes. He took several others and believes he removed all cancerous tissue. Praise God! Karen is doing well as she recovers from the trauma of surgery. To be on the safe side the doctor is going to do chemo therapy. Please pray for Marilyn’s brother, Walt, his wife, Karen, and their son J D.

Please continue to pray for us as we travel. We plan to visit family in Indianapolis, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and possibly Michigan before we head west.

In Him,

Glen and Marilyn

Robert, Joyce and Jordan Hayes in concert, Labor Day Weekend

Marilyn's new friend, Glenda from Arkansas

J D, Karen, and Walt

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