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September 2010

It’s time for us to leave. ALREADY??? How is that possible? It seems we just got here, and now we’re packing up to head West again.
We think the theme for this summer would be CHANGE. First, WE have changed, We know. We are one year older, and this year, Marilyn has made it through the whole summer without seeing a doctor or going to the ER! This is good! We do remember that one year ago this weekend, Labor Day, Marilyn was in the hospital. We praise God for good health.
Our program has experienced some change as well. Our assignments have been a little different this year. Marilyn thought she might be less busy than other years, but that has not been the case.
The Hayes’ annual concert was wonderful. We have watched little Carter emerge from a newborn to an inquisitive two year old. We got to hear Jordan sing with his mom and dad when he was just a little guy, and now he is a mature young man, a senior in high school who God has called to be a military chaplain, and just recently he enlisted in the National Guard.
Labor Day weekend Woodrow Kroll and Jimmy DeYoung were to share the program; however, Woodrow was stranded in North Carolina since all flights were canceled due to Hurricane Earl, so Dr. DeYoung gave all of the messages. We saw no negative effects from the hurricane, and we are thankful.
Marilyn requested that a bench be placed near the cherubs which were installed last year. When she was asked to check out the placement of the bench, she went quickly to take a picture only to discover that the bench was already in use! Obviously it was placed just fine!
We have had some time for extra-curricular events as well. This summer we attended a Garrison Keillor concert, toured the community of Ocean Grove, and took a lunch cruise on the River Lady with a group from the Keswick campground.
As we entered the lunch room on the riverboat, we saw a painting done by Judith Dickinson, the daughter of Pastor Bill and Ruth Raws. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the painting since I almost know the artist!
Keswick was sold out for Labor Day weekend, including the campground; therefore, the Sowers (Servants on Wheels Ever Ready), a volunteer group, was asked to move to our area. Our rig is the one way in the back. That’s our little RAV4 up in front. Please notice the gorgeous sky and beautiful setting we have enjoyed all summer.
Marilyn’s foot surgery is scheduled for November 8 in the Redlands area. We would appreciate your prayers that all will go well with minimal pain and quick healing. We are thankful that Marilyn was able to connect with Dr. Bill Bunnell. He will be her surgeon. We’re certain that Dr. Bunnell will appreciate your prayer as well.
We are happy to announce that Glen has been invited to play the part of Ebenezer Scrooge in ‘Scrooge’ at LifeHouse Theater. The play will begin on December 11 and play through December 17 at Clock Auditorium in Redlands, CA.
We will leave NJ on September 7th and plan to arrive in Redlands on October 1. We plan to visit family in Indianapolis, Niles, Michigan, and Overland Park, KS on the way.
We would appreciate your prayers for a safe and medically uneventful trip.

In Him,

Glen and Marilyn Heavilin

Joyce, Jordan, and Carter

Joyce, Robert and Jordan

The special bench by the cherubs

Three additional RVs in our area

The River Lady by Judith Dickinson

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