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Bible Based Topics for all Audiences


KNOWING HIS POWER - How to know God intimately

I'M LISTENING, LORD - How to hear God's voice when you pray

KNOWING GOD'S VOICE - How to distinguish God's voice from other voices

WHAT TRIPS YOU UP? - How to not get tripped up by circumstances

THE FREEDOM OF FORGIVENESS - How to let go of unforgiveness

- Learning to appreciate
our strengths and work on our differences.


BECOMING A WOMAN OF HONOR - God's Principles for Women

THE LEGACY OF LOVE - Nurturing special relationships within the family

HOSPITALITY IS MORE THAN A GIFT - A Biblical guide to hospitality

THE COMMITMENT TO FAMILY - The Christian family from God's viewpoint

THE COMMITMENT TO FRIENDS - The qualities of friendship and how to be a true and faithful friend

LIFE IS SHORT, SO TAKE GOOD NOTES - Journaling to emotional wholeness

MAKING THE HOLIDAYS MEANINGFUL - Setting realistic expectations for the holidays.


ROSES IN DECEMBER - Marilyn's testimony of God's faithfulness

GRIEF RELIEF - How we can help ourselves and others through grief

PRAYER THERAPY FOR PAST TRAUMAS - Emotional healing prayer

HOW'S YOUR TRAUMA INSURANCE? - Trauma preparedness

WHEN YOUR DREAMS DIE - Facing the death of a dream

HOW WE GRIEVE DIFFERENTLY - Glen and Marilyn share together

HOW TO HELP, NOT HINDER - Especially for hospital personnel

Marilyn is available for special holiday events such as Mother's Day and Christmas, and for all day and weekend conferences. Many of her talks, such as When Your Dreams Die and I'm Listening, Lord can be presented as one talk or in several sessions.

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