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December 2008

We left Peculiar, Missouri, November 28, and it was in the twenties in the night. We are now in Tombstone, AZ, and it was in the seventies today! We will be here only a few days this time. We plan to visit friends in Tucson and Scottsdale on our way West. We plan to be in California by December 10. Iím sure our first stop will be at the In-N-Out Burger in Indio, CA!

The year is almost at an end. We canít help but look back to those who have beat us to Heaven. Just  recently our dear, dear mentor, counselor, teacher and family friend, Dr. Henry Brandt transferred from earth to heaven. His death is earthís loss and Heavenís gain. Dr. Brandt epitomized a friend to us. Marilyn has called him Uncle Henry since she was 16.  He leaves his wife, Jo, his children , Dick, Beth, and Suzanne and several grandchildren.
We are looking forward to seeing Mellyn and her family at Christmas this year. We will be in the Rocklin area over Christmas. Mellyn is playing the role of Marian the Librarian in a presentation of The Music Man at a local community theater. Of course, mom and dad will be there to cheer her on. We are very proud of her. Expect lots of pictures next month.☺
We had a wonderful visit with Matt and family. We drove with Deb to Manhattan, KS to celebrate our granddaughter Kateís twenty-first birthday while we were there. We also celebrated Marilynís 71st birthday, visited a TCF chapter, visited the Hallmark Center, and Marilyn spoke at a TCF chapter in Independence. We spent Thanksgiving with Mattís family, and we had a visitor....Wall-E! Our grandson Nate works at Best Buy. When the promotion for the dvd was over, Nate was able to bring Wall-E home. We spent the afternoon watching the dvd. It was fun. It was always surprising to walk past Wall-E, an inanimate object, and hear him sigh or say Wow! Thanks to the motion sensor installed in him, he was able to almost convince us he was quite real. Marilyn wanted to kidnap him, and she would have except that she couldnít think where she could store him in the RV.
Glen installed Skype on Marilynís computer, so that means that if anyone has web-cam capabilities on their computer, you can not only talk to Marilyn, but you can see her as well. Drop us an e-mail and we can set up a time to Ďchat.í
Since this is probably our last communication in 2008, may we take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
In Him,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin



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