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October 2007

 September at Keswick becomes a much quieter month, but everything changed on 9/11/2001. Keswick Board member Don Peterson and his wife Jean were passengers on Flight #93. Soon after the crash, it was noted that only a Bible and a tire were remnants recognizable at the crash site. The Bible belonged to Don. In the Bible still remained a list of the colony men Don was praying for. On 9/11 Keswick held a memorial service in memory of Don and Jean. I had the privilege of speaking briefly at the service. The picture collage also shows the couple who had discipled Don and Jean.
 Glen and I made our yearly trek to New York City. We were able to enjoy lunch with our dear friend Jennifer and then we attended the Broadway show Mary Poppins. We feel Mary Poppins is the best and most exciting show we have seen on Broadway.  We also had great fun as we located a video cam, called our grandson Caleb and had him find us on the internet. Caleb was able to send us an e-mail of our picture on the streets of New York.
   Before we left Keswick for this year, we were able to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of our dear friends Jack and Dottie. We also got to enjoy a piano concert with Kurt Kaiser. Kurt accompanied George Beverly Shea for more than forty years.
 We also got to attend the September Hymn Sing at Keswick. Each month Keswick presents a time which includes a continental breakfast, two hours of singing selected hymns, and lunch. All for just $9. Nearly 500 people attend this program each month. I had the joy of sharing my Victory in Jesus story with the audience. This time, the Colony men stood behind me in preparation to sing that wonderful hymn. As I finished my part and began to leave the stage, the Executive Director Bill Welte invited me to stand and sing along with the men. What a remarkable moment for me!
 We left Keswick on the 13th and drove to Lancaster, PA. I had the joy of speaking at a Bible study in Lebanon, PA for my friends Janice and Harry Hess. During our time in Lancaster we also got to visit my cousin Monica, her husband Steve, and their son Stephen. Our time with Monica’s family is always a highlight for us. As you can tell by the picture, Stephen is quite a charmer.
 Glen celebrated his 69th birthday while we were en route to Indianapolis. He got a free dessert at Cracker Barrel, and even convinced the staff to sing to him. He loved all of the attention.
 We arrived in Indianapolis on Wednesday and had the sad privilege of attending the funeral on Thursday for our dear and very special friend, Dr. Jim Black. Our Jimmy was named for Jim. Jim delivered Jimmy, Ethan, and Nathan. We met Jim in 1961. Jim was an outstanding witness for the Lord, and we are so grateful that God allowed us to attend his service. Jim’s mother also attended the service. She is 101!
 Today we visited Glen’s dad at his new apartment. Glen bought him a new TV set. After Glen connected the set, we were able to take George out to dinner. George seems to be doing quite well in spite of all of the major changes he has experienced this summer. I know change is not easy for me, and it certainly must be hard for a 93 year old person.
 We will be in Kansas to visit Matt and his family around October 16. Then we will go on to Colorado Springs where I will be speaking November 2 - 4. We hope to arrive in Redlands before the 12th of November.
 Please continue to pray for our health and safety.
In Him,
Glen and Marilyn Heavilin 

In memory of Don and Jean Peterson


Marilyn and Jennifer at the theater for Mary Poppins


As taken by the video cam on the streets of New York


Jack and Dottie on their 50th anniversary


Kurt Kaiser in concert


The September Hymn Sing at Keswick


Cousin Monica and family


Glen on his 69th birthday.

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